Thursday, June 9, 2022

How to easily paint tennis shoes that will amaze everyone


paint tennis shoes

If you are looking for an easy way to upscale your footwear, it is so easy to paint tennis shoes that will amaze everyone.  Using only some acrylic markers, and water you can transform a plain old pair of kicks into a work of art.  And the best part is that it really doesn’t take any special skill.  


Think about it all sunsets are different and there is no wrong sunset if you just follow a few simple hacks.  My pair of shoes started out pink but it is just as easy to paint a white pair or any other color.  I prefer fabric-style shoes. The paint blends very easily on fabric-type shoes.  The advantage of leather shoes, however, is that is leather’s surface is smooth, so detail is easy.  It is just kind of playing around with styles and shoes.  It is best to start with an older pair.


When your sunset is complete you can add small details such as trees, mountains, bushes, buildings, houses, horses, or other favorite things.  Since I am a horse lover, I added them.  Cut out or trace images onto the already dry background and add them with a black paint pen.

How to easily paint tennis shoes



Tennis shoes

Acrylic markers, black, pink, red, yellow, blue, and white

Water and a small paintbrush

Apron and paper to cover work surfaces





1.      First make sure your shoes are clean.  Launder them if they are soiled.


2.      Us the black acrylic marker to color all around the bottom rubber sides of the shoe.  Let dry completely.


3.     Next, begin at the top of the shoe area by making several marks with a light blue acrylic pen.  Add some white acrylic pen strokes.  Then, while the paint is wet dip a brush in water and blend the blue and white. Make sure there are no lines of demarcation. Work on each section of the shoe separately all around the shoe.


4.     Now, using the pink marker under the blue sky area apply some pink and add some white, and a tad yellow.  Blend with water as you did the upper sky area.  Blend into the blue. Continue working downward adding more pink, blended with water. Then, as you reach the bottom add more red and white, for a darker shade. Continue until you have the entire shoe covered with a sunset.  You may add more white in some areas for an indication of clouds.


5.     Let the paint dry completely before you add the extra images.  Using the black pen, trace and draw in buildings, mountains, animals, etc.  Add grasses with light touches.  Let dry.

Painted tennis shoes