Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easy to make Paper Hunger Games Mocking jay pin

If you want to make a mockingjay pin to wear to your Hunger Games movie going experience, you’ve come to the right place.  If you can color in a coloring book you can create one of these replica pins in a flash.  The easy tutorial follows:

You will need:

Mockingjay pattern

Graphite transfer paper

Heavyweight watercolor paper

Stylus or dried ink pen

Metallic acrylic paint in gold and pewter

Dimensional paper glaze

Small paintbrush

Small scissors

Pin Back

Tacky glue

1.     Print the mocking jay pattern full size or any size you like.  Place the graphite paper between the pattern and the watercolor paper. Transfer the pattern to the watercolor paper by going over the lines with a stylus or dried ink pen point.

Mockingjay pattern

2.     Using a small paintbrush, color in the pin with the gold metallic paint, staying within the lines.  Let dry.

3.     Use the pewter metallic paint to shade and outline the pin.  (See photos for step by step)  Let the paint dry completely.

Add pewter paint under front wing

Add pewter paint on back wing and upper back

Add pewter paint on head and neck and under body

Add pewter paint on tail and arrow

Add pewter paint around ring

Outline bird with pewter paint

4.     Use the small paintbrush to spread a thick layer of dimensional paper glaze on the areas where you painted.  Don’t worry if some gets outside the lines since you will be cutting around it when it has dried. Don’t put any paper glaze on the background area; this will slightly raise up the mockingjay and make it dimensional.  Let dry.  Drying time depends upon the humidity and how thick a layer of glaze you have added. Add another coat of paper glaze and let dry.  Allow to dry between coats.

5.     With the small scissors carefully cut around the pin.  Put a dab of tacky glue on the back and add a pin back.  Let dry.  Show your support for Katniss and friends and wear with pride!

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  1. Very cool! I have never heard of dimensional paper glaze!

  2. I used Aleenes paper glaze sold in most craft stores or online

  3. Epic I might ke some for me and my friends


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