Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make a mini pot of gold from a recycled K-cup tutorial

Since Christmas the top craft tutorial that everyone is asking me for is anything made with a recycled K-cup, and as always I aim to please. All it takes is an empty K-cup and few supplies to make this cute little pot of gold to go with the K-cup leprechaun hat to decorate your table or other small area.

You will need:

K-cup washed and filter removed

Green glitter

Shamrock foam sticker

Tacky glue

Small paintbrush

Thin gold wire and wire cutters

Sheet of sticky back gold glitter foam

Awl or heavy darning needle

Scrap of brown paper bag

Scrap of gold ribbon or cord

Ruler, compass, scissors

1.     Using the awl or darning needle poke a hole in each side of the K-cup.  Cut a 6-inch piece of gold wire.  Wrap the wire with gold ribbon. (I used one with loops but you can easily wrap any thin gold ribbon for a nice effect) and thread through the hole on one side.  Twist the end around to secure.  Repeat on the other side.  (Handle made)

2.     Spread some tacky glue on the K-cup bottom and cover with the green glitter.  Add some more glue to the sides and sprinkle with glitter. It is easier if you work over a paper plate or paper so you can sift off the extra glitter back into its container. Place the K-cup upside down and let dry.  Turn right side up and make sure you add some glue and glitter on the edges of the K-cup.

3.     Add a dab of tacky glue to the bottom inside of the K-cup.  Ball up a scrap of brown paper bag and push it inside of the K-cup. Measure and cut a one-inch diameter circle out of the gold glitter foam. (The inside diameter of the K-cup) Remove the paper from the back and attach the foam to the paper inside. This makes a flat area for you to add your gold pieces.

4.     Use a ¼” hold punch to punch out circles from the gold glitter foam.  Remove the paper backing on each circle and attach to the flat foam circle you put on the top.  Keep adding circles till you have the desired amount. (See photo)

5.     Cut a piece of corresponding ribbon and glue around.  Add a foam shamrock on the front to complete.


  1. Crystal, this one is a little more detailed, but worth it! Thanks very much! Have a great day!

  2. Crystal, I just love this idea!!! What a neat way to have your own pot of gold, and give someone else a pot of gold, too :)



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