Friday, March 16, 2012

Recycled Dog Bark Stopper

Dog barking is normal.  Excessive dog barking is not. My dog, Maddy is a barker, yapper, you name it. How do I stop it? I simply turned an empty soda can into a dog bark stopper. When the barking gets out of control I shake it and the barking will stop. It cost a whole lot less than anything you buy at the pet shop and it really works...just ask Maddy. You could just leave the soda can as it is but why not spruce it up a bit?

You will need:

One empty soda can, washed and dried

Eight or nine pennies or more (the more pennies you use the louder the noise)

Duct tape

Beige felt

Scrap of darker brown felt

Pompoms (1, large beige, 2 medium beige, and one small black)

Wiggly eyes

9-inch scrap of ½” ribbon in desired color

Scissors, pencil, ruler

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (or you may substitute tacky glue)

1.        Put the pennies inside the empty can and tape the top with a couple of pieces of duct tape.

2.        Cut a piece of beige felt 9 inches by 5 inches.

3.        Glue the felt around the can to cover, lining up the bottom edge with the can. Slightly gather the top edge of the felt and glue to the can top. 

4.        On another piece of beige felt place the can top down and trace around. Draw ear shapes on each side of the circle you traced. Cut out. Fold in half and trim the ears so they are semi-symmetrical.  It is not necessary to be exact.

5.        Glue the top circle part only of the ear to the top of the can where you taped it closed.

6.        Glue the large pompom to the top of the can.

7.        To make the face glue two medium pompoms halfway down the side of the can.  Make sure the ears are hanging down on each side.  Glue the black pompom in between the two medium ones for the nose.

8.        Cut two small oval pieces of the dark brown felt and glue above the nose.  Attach two wiggly eyes in the center of the felt pieces. (see photo for placement)

9.        Draw a bead of glue around the can near the bottom and attach a scrap of ribbon for collar.

 Note:  This is a dog bark stopper and not for use with Children under 3 or babies.


  1. What a great idea, Crystal! I love how cute it is, so you won't mind leaving it out where it can be handy :)

  2. This is so cute! I have lots of animals running through my head to try out ;o) Thanks Crystal ;o)

  3. I have heard the pennies in the soda can trick works but have never tried it. Didn't want an ugly soda can sitting around but I can try it without the ugly can! Thank you.

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