Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kid’s Craft—Easy Summer beaded necklace

Kids want to craft too. The little ones can create this necklace in no time.  Looking  for Girl Scout Swaps?  This is a perfect choice but don’t stop there because there are and lazy summer days ahead and when they ask for something to do…you will be ready.  Just a few supplies make this craft not only easy but inexpensive as well.

For each necklace you will need:

Small amount of star print duct tape (you can use it from leftover projects)

30 inches of multi color rattail ribbon

6 large hole plastic star beads

2 plastic drinking straws

1 Large plastic animal bead (I used a dolphin)

1.     Work down the length of the straw wrapping around the duct tape to cover.  When the straw is completely covered use the ruler to measure ¼” and ½” increments and cut into bead pieces.  Cut (6) ½” pieces and (6) ¼” pieces.

2.     Cut a piece of multi color rattail ribbon to 30”.

3.     String the large animal bead first.  This is your center.  String a ½’ straw bead on each side of the center bead.  String a star bead on each side.  String a ¼” straw bead on each side and then a star bead. Repeat pattern on each side until you have used up all y our beads.  You will have three ½” straw beads, three ¼” straw beads and six star beads on each side. (see photo) Tie a knot in the cord.

Note:  The necklace is designed to leave the upper half un-beaded to show the multi color cording.  If you would like a necklace that is beaded the entire length of the cord simply continue adding beads as before.  You will need more beads, however,  if you elect to do this.


  1. This is a great idea! My 4 year old would love it. I am your newest follower!
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