Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quick one-hour Indian corn wreath

You can create this colorful wreath in less than an hour.  It is unique and one of a kind, depending upon the color Indian corn you use.  Indian corn is readily available at your local supermarket.  I’ve made the large wreath with a 12-inch wreath form but you can easily use smaller Indian corn on an 8-inch wreath.

You will need:

8 ears of Indian corn with the husks attached

8 silk fall leaves

12-inch wreath form (I found one made of Masonite at Michaels craft store)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

24 gauge gold wire

Wire cutters

1.     Bend the husk back and lay the corn cob on top.  If it doesn’t bend easily dampen a bit and bend carefully. Add some hot glue on the wreath form and place the folded corn in the glue to attach.  Add some more hot glue on the corn itself, securing it to the form.  Be generous with the glue but make sure it is in inconspicuous areas.  When the glue had dried a bit, cut a length of wire and wrap the wire around the top of the corn where the husk attaches, twisting together securely in the back.

2.     Repeat step one directly across from the first ear of corn.  Try and fluff out the husks as wide as you can to fill in the areas between the ears.  Continue adding ears of corn spacing evenly until you have glued and wired all 8 ears.

3.     Squirt some hot glue between each ear of corn and attach a silk fall leaf on top of the husks.  (See photo)

4.     Cut a length of wire and fold in half.  Make a loop for hanging, thread the ends through the wreath and secure together.

If you would like to make a smaller wreath use small Indian corn cobs on an 8-inch form. You can eliminate the leaves if you so desire.  Simply fluff out and glue the husks in the areas between the cobs.  

Small wreath


  1. This indian corn wreath looks great! I love using natural elements for fall decor. I am hosting a link party if you'd like to join in and share this!

  2. Very cute, I love it! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  3. 'Love it! Thank you for the directions! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Very nice! I can see why you'd have to figure out the wiring well to keep the cobs secured. Lovely for fall. :)

  5. Great fall project! The outcome is very nice!! I can't figure out the wiring, too!
    Have a nice day!!

  6. What a great idea! It looks beautiful. Megan

  7. I love this wreath idea. It turned out so great. You can use it from now all the way through Thanksgiving too which is awesome.

  8. This is so neat! Thanks for the idea!

  9. Love this! Now I just need to find some indian corn. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I really love this!!! I know my mom and I will be making this wreath! Thanks for the idea ;o)

  11. WOW, we love your Indian Corn Wreath! Thank you so much for linking it up in the Crafty Showcase this past week!

    Your post was picked by our Designers as one of their fav Fall crafts. We are featuring you today on our Facebook page, twitter and will pin to Pinterest.

    Stop over Sat-Thur noon and link up more of your creative ideas!

    Have a super weekend and enjoy that backyard!


  12. Found your great fall project via I Gotta Create's link party. :-)

  13. WOW!! These are beautiful and as soon as I can find some Indian corn I'm making one.

  14. Great job! Thanks for joining the party at One Creative Weekend! I hope to see you back today.


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