Friday, October 12, 2012

Calico feather mask

This mask is easy, quick and looks great.  It reminds me of a calico cat, hence the name.

You will need:

Bag of feathers in rust, white, brown and black

Paper mache mask (available in craft stores)

Tacky craft glue


Small amount of cream beaded trim (about 12 inches depending upon the size of the eye holes)

3 gold rhinestones

3 clear triangle rhinestones

One larger gold cabochon (for the nose area)

1.     Run a bead of glue around the mask and add feathers one at a time overlapping and laying the feathers in the same direction.  (See photo)  Start gluing the feathers around each eye and work around until the entire mask is covered.  You may have to cut any thick shafts.  Bend the feathers to fit around the curves.

2.     Use the scissors to trim any wild feather pieces.  Make sure you trim closely around the eyeholes an under the nose area.  Let dry.

3.     Measure around the top part of the eyehole, and cut a piece of cream colored beaded trim to fit.  Repeat for the bottom part, meeting at the edges.  Let dry.  Repeat for other eye.

4.     Use the glue to attach 3 gold rhinestones up the center.  Add three more clear triangle rhinestones on the top edge, and each upper corner.  Finally add some glue right on the center of the nose tip and add the larger gold cabochon. (See photo for placement)


  1. WOW! What a great idea. I love the way this turned out so much I might have to re-think my Halloween costume to include a calico mask.

  2. I think this is so pretty! I would even hang it on the wall ;o)


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