Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Craft tip today—How to emboss with rubber stamps

It is my belief that embossing is the most fun you can have in crafting.  I think there is nothing more satisfying than watching embossing powder as it melts onto a surface.  Most of all it’s pretty easy.  And paper is not the only surface you can emboss on.  I have embossed on wood with great results.

You will need:

1.   The first thing you need is to purchase a heat embossing tool.  A heat embossing tool may resemble a hair dryer, but it is definitely not a hair dryer.  This tool blows the extremely high heat needed to melt the embossing powder.

2.   An embossing stamp pad.  You can use a clear stamp pad, which doesn’t show up, on your stamped surface or I suggest a tinted one that will allow you to see where you have stamped. 

3.   Embossing powders.  Embossing powders are available in many colors, textures and glitter. 

4.   Rubber stamps.

Load the rubber stamp from the embossing stamp pad just as you would a regular stamp.  Stamp on the surface pressing firmly.   While it is still wet sprinkle your embossing powder onto the stamped surface.  Tap to remove the excess powder.  You may either bend the paper (if possible) and replace the embossing powder back into the jar-- or if this is not possible tap onto another piece of paper that you can bend for this step.

Once you have your image is stamped, turn on the heat tool and blow the hot air over the image.  Get the heat tool as close as you can to your image and move it across and around to melt the entire image.  You will be able to see the embossing powder adhering to the surface as you work.  Your result will be a slightly raised surface.

Easy!  And loads of fun!

Extra tip:  If you want to further personalize something with embossed handwriting—simply write your sentiment with an erasable pen.  Sprinkle the powder on the writing, tap and emboss!!  Need something special for one of the graduations coming up or any special occasion? Try this easy and unique project...Embossed 3-D graduation table greeting

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