Monday, October 28, 2013

Blue flower with stamens painted wine glass tutorial

It’s really quite easy to paint a wine glass.  The paint is available at just about every craft store and online and this step-by-step tutorial takes you through the entire process.  These wine glasses are extra special because when you look inside the glass you will see the interior of the flower!
And with Christmas right around the corner they will make great Christmas presents.  Bake your glasses (No they won’t melt) to make them top rack dishwasher safe although I would recommend hand washing.

You will need:
·      Gloss acrylic paint (it will say it can be used for glass on the label)  Lt. Blue, Med blue Dark blue, Yellow, white, brown, and green

·      Wine glasses

·      Alcohol

·      Paper towels

·      Small liner brush

·      Small flat brush

·      Cotton swab or toothpick

·      Home oven and cookie sheet

1.     Wash and dry the wine glasses.  Wipe down the glasses with alcohol to remove any residue, oils and finger marks.

2.     Turn your wine glass upside down and work on the bottom outside of the bowl.  Using the liner brush make small dots around the bowl with white.  Work around about two inches up from the bowl bottom. Rinse out your brush and begin adding small dots of yellow under the white dots you added continuing to add dots on the upper stem area. Let dry.  You will be layering colors so you will need to let the paint dry between layers. 

3.  Rinse your brush.  Use the white paint to make thin lines from each white dot to the underside of the wine glass right up to the stem. (See photo) Add some dots with brown paint for contrast in between the yellow dots. This is the inside of your flower and when you are finsihed you will not see it from the outside of the glass. Let dry. You can look inside the wine glass to visualize how your flower interior is coming out.

Interior view

4.  Use the flat brush sideways to mark four petals with the medium blue paint. Start the petals all the way from the upper stem to cover the flower interior. (Dots and lines)  Work on filling in each petal one at a time. As you fill them in and while the paint is still wet, outline the edges in dark blue and blend into the med blue. Add a bit of lt. blue in the center of each petal and blend as you did with the dark blue.  Let each petal dry and then repeat for a second coat.  Depending upon your brand of paint you may have to repeat for a third coat.  Let dry.

Inside view

5.  When the paint is completely dry use the green paint to create leaf shapes slightly up the bowl over the area you have already painted and down the stem to the base.  Repeat for a second and maybe third coat.  Use the liner brush to add some curled vines on the base and let dry.  (See photo)

6.  When the paint is dry use a cotton swab with alcohol to remove any paint where you do not want it—or you can gently scrape off any unwanted paint with the tip of a toothpick.

7.  Bake your wine glass.  Place your painted wine glass on a cookie sheet and into a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes. Let cool in the oven.  When it is done the wine glasses will be top rack dishwasher safe but I recommend hand washing.

View from inside of glass

Note:  If you make a mistake and are not please with how you wine glass is coming out-- before you bake your wine glass you can always wash it off and start over. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween candy bar wrappers | kid’s craft

Halloween is just plain fun.  We get to play dress up no matter what age we are.  We go to parties and there is candy--lots of candy.  These easy to whip up candy bar wrappers dress up a full sized Crunch bar or Hershey bar for a fun party favor or any special trick or treater! Make a Frankenbar and/or pumpkinbar sleeve and just slide in your candy bar. Easy and inexpensive, so gather the kids and have a family craft night!

You will need:

·      Scrapbook paper, green stripes, orange circles, and black

·      Ruler

·      Pencil

·      Glue stick

·      Tacky craft glue

·      Scissors

·      Zig-zag paper edgers

·      Circle paper punch

·      Square paper punch

·      Crunch full sized candy bar or regular full sized Hershey bar

·      Halloween wiggle eyes

·      Black dimensional fabric paint

1.     To make the Franken-bar wrapper cut a piece of green striped scrapbook paper 5 ½” x 5 ½”.  Wrap around the candy bar pressing lightly on the edges.  This will slightly mark where the front of the candy bar will be. 

2.     Measure and cut a 2 ¼” x 1 ¼” rectangle from the black scrapbook paper.  Trim the edge with the zig-zag paper edgers.  (Frank’s bangs) Rub the glue stick on the bangs and attach to the top center of the prepared sleeve using the creases you made as a guide.  (See photo)

3.     Punch out two circles from the paper punch.  Attach the two circles with the glue stick on the front of the sleeve.  (See photo for placement)  Use some tacky glue to glue on Halloween wiggle eyes leaving a little bit of the black paper above to represent the eyebrows.  Draw a wiggly line under the eyes with the dimensional fabric paint for a mouth and let dry completely.

4.     When all the glue and paint is dry, attach the edges together with the glue stick and slide in your candy bar.

To make the Pumpkin sleeve:

Follow steps 1 and 2 except use the orange circle scrapbook paper for the sleeve and the green striped paper for the bangs.

Follow with step 3 but substitute the square paper punch with the black paper to make your pumpkin’s eyes. Attach the wiggle eyes leaving some black paper showing above like you did on the Franken-bar sleeve.  Repeat step 4 to finish.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall leaves silverware pocket tutorial

Every so often I walk into the dollar store and find something that I just have to buy for no reason at all.  Then just as if the item can speak, an idea for a use pops into my head.  I found these fall leaves table scatter at the dollar store and at the time I didn’t know what I would do with them, and then I thought why not a fall leaves silverware pocket to dress up a Thanksgiving table –or any fall dinner.  After thanksgiving your guests can even take them home as a party favor.  To make them quick you can use a glue gun but this is also fun kid’s project when you use thick tacky glue.  If using tacky glue you will need some clothespins to hold the pocket together while the glue sets.

You will need:

·      Dark brown stiffened felt rectangle (It will make two pockets)

·      Tan embossed felt

·      Fall leaves table scatter or fall felt shapes

·      Ruler

·      White colored pencil (to write on dark felt)

·      Scissors

·      Pinking shears or decorative paper edgers

·      Glue gun and glue sticks…or

·      Thick tacky craft glue and clothespins to hold the glued area till dry

1.     Gather your supplies. Fold the stiffened brown felt in half lengthwise.  Press to crease.  Measure 4 inches from the side edge and make a line.  Cut out.  The folded pocket will be 4 Inches wide by 4 ½” inches deep.

2.     Use the glue gun to run a bead of glue down the sides of the pocket and press to attach…or if working with children, run a bead of thick tacky glue down the sides and press to attach.  Hold with clothespins until dry.  Add more tacky glue if necessary to make sure the pocket is secure.  Use the pinking shears or paper edgers to trim the top for a decorative look.

3.     Cut a strip of embossed felt 2 inches by 4 ½." Use the pinking shears to trim the top edge like you did on the pocket. Center this embossed felt on the front of the pocket and attach with glue gun or tacky glue.

4.     Glue on the leaf table scatter in a pleasing arrangement on the front of the pocket. 

I haven't been able to visit my favorite blogs much this week since I am suffering from a painful slipped disc. I'm starting to feel better so soon I will be back to my usual schedule.  As always thanks for visiting Make it easy crafts and your awesome comments.