Monday, December 9, 2013

Easy lighted wreath with Bowdabra bow

Sometimes uncomplicated is best.  I have plenty of wreaths with all sorts of things added to them, but if you ask me which ones are my favorites I will always tell you I love the simple but elegant wreaths with nothing more than a beautiful Bowdabra bow as its center of focus. In order to give this wreath some extra Christmas flash I’ve added a string of battery powered mini lights.  It’s quick and easy and adds just the right touch over a mantle.

You will need:

·      Bowdabra bowmaker

·      Bowdabra bow wire

·      Artificial pine wreath

·      Battery powered mini lights

·      Green floral wire

·      Wire cutters

·      Roll of 2 ¼” Christmas printed wired ribbon

·      Scissors

1.     Turn your wreath to the back and attach the box with the on/off switch on the bottom of the wreath with the green floral wire.  It works best if you criss-cross the wire around the box.

2.     After you have wired the power box on turn the wreath to the right side and weave the lights all around.  Make sure all the lights are facing the front of the wreath.  It easy to do this with lights on.

3.     Make the Bowdabra bow.  Cut a 24” piece of Bowdabra bow wire and fold in half.  Insert the wire into the Bowmaker.  You will have a loop on one end and two pieces of wire on the other.

4.     Cut an 18” piece of 2 ¼” wired ribbon.  Fold the ends in half and cut at an angle.

5.     Place the 18-inch piece of ribbon in the Bowmaker with an even length on each side.

6.      Using the rest of the ribbon make the bow by folding the ribbon back and forth creating loops.  Make sure you twist the ribbon so that the right side is facing up. Continue making loops until you have as many as you want.  I had 15 loops on my bow.

7.  Scrunch down your loops with the Bowdabra wand.

8.      Thread the two loose ends through the loop end and pull tightly.  Remove the bow from the Bowmaker.

9.     Remove the bow and tie a knot in the back.  You will use the loose ends to tie the bow to your wreath.

10. Fluff up the loops on your bow and tie to the top center of your wreath.  Arrange the long tails in a pleasing way.  Use the on/off switch to turn your wreath on and off as desired.


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