Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy Kid’s craft | chalkboard clip magnets

Chalkboard clip magnets

Do you need an idea for an easy kid’s craft?  These quick to make Chalkboard clip magnets are just what you are looking for!  These clip magnets are great for vacation Bible school crafts, Girl Scouts and camp crafts.  You can make them in any wooden shape you like.  The kids will have a blast painting the wooden shapes and then they can display their artwork or notes on the clips on any magnetic surface.  Since the supplies are minimal and inexpensive it’s great for large groups.


Mini clothespins

Wooden shapes

Chalkboard paint (I used black but it comes in all colors)

Magnetic tape

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Small paintbrush

Waxed paper to protect your work surface

Paper plates for palette


1.     Place waxed paper over your work surface to protect it.  Add some chalkboard paint onto a paper plate and using the small paintbrush, apply a coat of paint onto the edges of your shape.  Lay the shape down and apply a coat of paint to the surface.  Let dry.  When the paint has dried apply a second coat over the first coat.  Let dry.

chalkboard clip magnets

chalkboard clip magnets

2.     When the paint has dried turn over and apply a coat of paint to the back.  It is not necessary to apply a second coat on the back.  Let dry.

3.     Measure the mini clothespin and cut the magnetic tape to fit down one end.  Remove the backing and adding a bit of hot glue as well, apply to the clothespin.  Repeat for a second clothespin.  (You need two mini clothespins per magnet unless your shape is very small)

chalkboard clip magnets

chalkboard clip magnets

chalkboard clip magnets

4.     Using hot glue attach the Clothespins to the back of the painted shape. 

chalkboard clip magnets

5.     Use chalk to write a name or whatever you choose.  It’s fun to make one for each member of the family, and you can attach notes to the clips.

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