Monday, March 7, 2016

Greek Easter cookies | koulourakia

Greek Easter Cookie printable recipe

Every year I make these Greek Easter cookies called Koulourakia.  Greek Easter is on May 1st this year and quite a bit later than regular Easter but these cookies are delicious any time of the year.   When we were kids, we got to celebrate two Easters.  My parents would make our Easter baskets on regular Easter and then we'd get a re-run on Greek Easter, although the second one was more focused on celebrating with church and food.  Since Greek Easter is often a week later my parents would be able to buy up all the leftover Easter candies.  Then when Greek Easter came around we'd dye our eggs.

Now traditionally Greeks only dye their eggs red.  There are many theories about why red and only red.  One story credits it to Mary Magdalene going to the Roman emperor to tell him of the miracle of resurrection and he told her he would believe her if the eggs in her basket turned red, which they did.  Another is that the color red is in memory of the blood of Jesus.  A red egg is also baked into an Easter sweet bread called Tsoureki.

When I was a kid we would gather in the kitchen and make these Easter butter cookies called Koulorakia. They are delicious with coffee or as a treat any time. Not too sweet, buttery and crispy good. The rolling is fun and although I’ve just made them in twists you can make all sorts of shapes, so it’s fun to bake these with your kids.

Greek Easter Cookie printable recipe

For the Greek Easter cookie recipe card, click on the photo and print at 5 x 7 size

Happy Easter and if you meet a Greek after May 1 be sure to say Christos Anesti, which means-- Christ is risen!


  1. I love them! We just made a batch yesterday. I like adding a bit of orange zest! Thanks for sharing! We are all getting ready for Kathara Deftera now!


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