Monday, March 28, 2016

Monogram burlap rose wreath

monogram burlap rose wreath

With all the cool burlap ribbon in the stores these days and monogram letters of all kinds, I thought it would awesome to create a monogram rose burlap wreath for my front door. 

Since I put my wreath on a glass storm door with a suction hook, it was hard to photograph without a reflection so I took the photograph on an indoor wall so you can better see how gorgeous it turned out.  When you attach it to a glass door it’s even more beautiful!


Flat wreath form 12” diameter
2 ½” wide wired natural color burlap ribbon
Green burlap ribbon
Monogram wooden letter of choice ½” thick
Self stick cork sheet
Eye screw
18 ml wire
7 Daisy artificial flowers in choice of color
Drill with small drill bit
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


1.     On the self-stick cork sheet, trace around your letter, cut out. Remove the backing attach to the letter.  Do this on the front of the letter and then turn over and repeat on the back of the letter.

2.     Using a drill and small drill bit, drill a hole in the top center of the letter. Attach an eye screw in the hole you drilled.

3.     Wrap the green burlap all around the wreath form and attach with some hot glue.  Make sure you mark an area on the wreath from where there is a hole (There are holes all around this flat wreath form) Thread a piece of wire through the hole in the burlap covered wreath from, form a loop at the top and twist to secure. (This will be the top hanger of your wreath)

4.     Attach another piece of wire through the eyehook on the top of your letter; thread the ends through the same hole you used for the hanger and twist to secure.

5.     Make your burlap roses.  Cut a piece of 2 ½” natural colored burlap ribbon 24 inches long.  Begin by burning both ends with a lighter to stop any fraying.  Next, twist the ends around for the center of your rose and put a dab of hot glue to secure.  Continue twisting and turning, and occasionally adding a dab of glue. Always twist and turn in the same direction. Continue until you reach the end.  Secure with a dab of glue.  Make 6 more so you have seven burlap roses. 

6.     Starting at the top, attach a burlap rose with an ample amount of hot glue to the front of the wreath.  Add a daisy next and continue around alternating, rose and daisy till you reach the end. 

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  1. Crystal, you are good! Seriously you are! This is excellent! Hugs!


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