Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to make an easy indian corn tea light holder

Indian corn tea light holder

      So it’s almost fall, my favorite time of year.  Who doesn’t love the crisp morning air, the pumpkin spice everywhere you look, and the colors of the season?  It is the perfect time to paint an Indian corn tea light holder on an upside down wine glass! 

      It's so easy to paint this cute Indian corn tea light holder!  Decorate it with some raffia and simply add a flameless or regular tea light candle for a d├ęcor piece that everyone will love!


Small and medium sized paintbrushes

Gloss acrylic paint, tan, gold, yellow, lt. yellow, red, purple, white, sienna, and orange

Brown sharpie marker


Tea Light

Waxed paper or cardboard to protect your work surface


Paper towels

1.     Wash and wipe down your wine glass with a paper towel and alcohol.

2.     Using the brown sharpie marker, make a mark from the base of the stem to the rim on each side.  In essence you are marking half your wine glass.  

3.     On one side begin making small circles across with the marker continue making circles across and down until you reach the rim.  These are the Indian corn kernels.  See photo.  You will use these guidelines much like a coloring book and fill them in individually.


4.     Using the larger paintbrush and the tan gloss paint, cover the side that is not marked with kernels brushing with a downward motion.  Continue with tan on the stem and the base.  Let dry.  Turn rim side down and paint the bottom with tan and let dry.  Repeat with second coat.  When the second coat is dry, make some downward marks with sienna and white for a textural effect.  Repeat this step on the bottom of the base (which will be the candle holder) but brush the sienna and white in a spoke like pattern.

5.     Using the marks you made for kernels begin filling each one individually with the smaller paintbrush.  Use yellow, orange, purple, and red, varying the locations until you have filled in every one to the bottom.  Let dry and repeat with a second coat.

6.     Cute a 12-inch piece of raffia.  Cut and tie a six-inch piece of raffia onto the longer piece.  Continue adding raffia pieces until you have about six.  Trim up the ends.

7.     Tie the raffia strip with the fringe on the stem.  (See photo)

If you don't like how your marks are coming out when marking your glass, simply rub with some alcohol and start over.

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  1. Crystal, you make everything look so easy! Not for me! LOL! You are so talented! Big Hugs!


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