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How to make a super simple two-season wreath, summer, and fall

two-season wreath


Make this two-season wreath with just a few supplies and two different Bowdabra bows.  Using four sunflowers and one pumpkin pick you can quickly change the bows in the center to reflect summer or fall.  All you need do is switch out one sunflower with a pumpkin pick and tie on the corresponding bow.  Easy peasy! 


In the summer wreath, I used a printed summer ribbon for the bow, and I made my loops on the bow a bit smaller than the fall Bow.  It is just a matter of whatever your preference on how many loops or how big they are.  

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So, let’s get started!




Wreath form, grapevine, or similar wreath

Bowdabra bow maker

Bowdabra bow wire

Summer print wired ribbon 1 ½” wide

Fall print wired ribbon 1 ½” wide

Five sunflowers in different sizes, cut from a pick

One small pumpkin pick

Hot glue gun and glue sticks



First, create your simple wreath.  Insert four sunflowers along one side securing with hot glue. Wait until your bow is complete to put the last sunflower on the other side simple inserting it into the wreath without gluing for easy removal.


Make your bows


I will demonstrate the Fall bow, and please note that you create the summer bow in the same way. First, cut a piece of Bowdabra bow wire 35” long.  You want it to be extra-long so that you can tie it in a bow to the wreath for easy removal. Fold the bow wire in half and lay in the Bowdabra.  You will have a loop on one side and two loose wires on the other.  This will be used as a slip knot.


Next, from the printed ribbon cut a 26” piece.  This will be your tail.  Twist to make sure the right side is facing out and place in the Bowdabra.


Now cut six or eight pieces of printed ribbon 20-22 inches long. If you want your bow loops to be bigger cut the longer length. The pieces of ribbon you cut will determine how many loops your bow will have. (The summer bow had 8 loops and the fall bow has 6 loops)


Next, take one of your pieces of ribbon and twist to make sure the right side is facing up and lay it into the Bowdabra. This is when you can adjust the size of your loops.

Continue taking the ribbon pieces, twist, and insert into the Bowdabra. Make your loop on one side, then, reverse the loop on the other side. Keep going in this way till you have placed all your ribbon pieces. Scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.


To finish, insert the two loose wires through the loop and pull tight while the bow is still in the Bowdabra. Remove the bow turn to the back and tie a knot, tie another knot.


Dovetail all the tails. To dovetail fold in half and cut at an angle towards the fold.  Fluff and arrange all the loops and tails on your bow.  This is the reason why a wired ribbon is helpful.

two-season wreath


Tie the bow with the excess wire into a bow for easy removal when it is time to go back to a summer wreath. Remove the single sunflower and replace it with a small pumpkin pick.  You now have a fall wreath.

two-season wreath










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