Wednesday, December 1, 2021

How to make an elegant, beaded, ornament hangers from a paper clip


If you’ve got a container full of paper clips you have the start of easy beaded ornament hangers. You can use the large ones for heavy-weight ornaments and the regular ones for lighter-weight ornaments. The touch of beads adds an elegant touch and is super easy to make.

beaded ornament hangers




Paper clips, colors, silver, gold whichever you have on hand

Round nose pliers 

Clear and sparkle beads



beaded ornament hangers


First, straighten out the paper clip using the pliers.  Try and get it as straight as you can.

beaded ornament hangers


Next, using the pliers curl one end of the straightened paper clip.  Then, thread on three beads, and bend the wire to the right.

beaded ornament hangers

beaded ornament hangers


Now, curl the other end.  It is much easier with regular paper clips than the larger ones. Work on it till the curl looks right.

beaded ornament hangers

beaded ornament hangers


Attach your ornament to one curled end and then, hang it on the tree.  

beaded ornament hanger





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