Friday, August 3, 2012

Raffia Cat Toy

I just love raffia.  It is a multi-use natural crafting material.  It is the perfect choice for a cat toy.  It is lightweight, and the crinkling noise attracts your cat.  It’s easy to whip up a couple of these in just a few minutes and will have your cat playing like a kitten.

You will need:

Hank of natural raffia

Plastic pom pom maker rings ( can make your own by cutting two circles out of cardboard and cutting out two smaller circles inside each one. See photo of pom pom maker. The diameter of the circle will determine the size of your raffia ball)

Large eye darning needle

Sharp pointed scissors

1.     Thread a length of raffia on the darning needle.  Usually raffia comes in a hank and has lengths of two or more feet.

Place the two pieces of the pom pom maker together

2.     Place the two pieces of the pom pom maker together and begin pulling the thread in and out of the center hole.  Continue adding raffia when you exhaust each piece.  Work as many lengths as you need to fill the center hole. (See photo)

3.     When you have added enough raffia, using a sharp pointed pair of scissors snip all around the edges.  Take another length of raffia (about 18 inches) and tie in the center between the two plastic pieces.  Tie it tightly.  Leave a length of raffia for a tail.  Remove the plastic pom pom maker and fluff the ball.  Trim up any wild edges.

Snip all around edges

Tie tightly in center

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  1. So simple but perfect. All the cats I know love balled up pieces of paper.

    I wonder if you could even use an old paper bag cut into narrow strips?

  2. I'll have to make some of these for my sister's cats. I could never think of anything to make with raffia and now here's something about my speed. ;o}

  3. A wonderful idea. I think I have some rafia in the greenhouse. Our 4 cats will all want one !

  4. This is so cute!!!! Great idea! I have lots of cat people around me ;o)


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