Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recycled Thanksgiving turkey napkin rings

These napkin rings are quick, easy, and inexpensive to create and they match the previous tutorial --Thanksgiving turkey silverware pockets. The fun part is that they are also dimensional with the turkeys standing at attention.  They will surely get the attention of your guests as well.

You will need:

Cardboard tube from the inside of a paper towel roll

Embossed felt

Small foam turkey stickers

22-gauge wire



White colored pencil for marking on dark felt

Tacky craft glue

Wire cutters

1/8” hole punch

E size seed bead for each napkin ring

Clothespins are handy for holding felt till the glue dries

1.     Measure and cut four pieces off the cardboard tube to 1 ½” lengths.  Trim the rings evenly around.

2.     Measure and cut 4 pieces of embossed felt 1 ½” x 6”.

3.     It is a good idea to put two fingers inside the ring to hold it while you are gluing.  Spread a generous amount of glue all over the outside of the ring. Attach the felt piece working around to cover. Trim the ends to make sure the ends meet. Let dry.  Trim the felt all around the edges of the cardboard to form the ring base.

4.     On the opposite side from where the ends meet, punch a hole in the center with a 1/8” hole punch.

5.     Using the wire cutters cut a 2 ½” piece of 22 gauge wire.  Thread an E sized seed bead on it and bend in half.  (See photo) Thread the bended wire with the seed bead attached through the inside of the napkin ring base.  Two wire pieces will protrude.

6.     Remove the paper backing from one small foam turkey sticker and attach to the two wire pieces protruding from the napkin ring.  Make sure the turkey bottom touches the base.  Trim wire if necessary.

7.     Remove the paper backing from a second turkey and attach to the first turkey covering the wires.

8.     Add your napkins and enjoy!


  1. So cute Crystal! I wonder if I could attach a crow? LOL! Take Care ;o)

  2. How clever! My kids will love this project!

  3. How cute! Love the turkey on these napkin rings. Keep on crafting!

  4. I love this project...goes so well with your silverware pocket project. Thanks for linking this one up at Thanksgiving Treats and Fall Fun also!


  5. Cute napkin ring! I'm going to pin this to my Thanksgiving board! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!



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