Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dollar bill origami mini pot of gold

What do you like to do for St. Patrick’s Day?  Do you eat corned beef and cabbage?  Do you wear your lucky green?  Well I don’t know anything that is greener than than a dollar bill so why don’t you surprise the kids and fold it into a cute little container (aka pot of gold) that will hold a quarter quite nicely. It doesn’t stand but you can lean it upright or just hold it in the palm of your hand. Make sure you use a crisp dollar bill and I like to use a butter knife or popsicle stick to run over the creases to make them sharp. Although I made mine for St. Patrick's Day, these little quarter holders are perfect any time of the year!  

You will need:

Dollar bill (Crisp one)


Butter knife or popsicle stick

1.     Fold the dollar bill in half from left to right.  Note: Run a butter knife or popsicle stick over all the folds to make sure the creases are sharp.

2.     Fold the open edge border area including just a bit of the green. (See photo)

3.     Fold from one corner to the other to make a triangle shape. Turn so the point is facing up.

4.     Fold down one corner to make a crease and open back up.

5.     Fold one corner over to the left using the crease line as a guide.

6.     Fold the opposite side over to the right side.

7.     Fold one flap of the top point down, and repeat with the flap on the other side

8.     Squeeze with your fingers to open up the container.  Push the bottom in with your finger to flare it out a bit.  Insert a quarter and your done!


  1. Kids will love to get one a Pot of Gold on St. Patrick's Day - very fun idea and great tutorial! Thanks for sharing this with on your gallery at #simplybebetsy. Have a great weekend ~ Sharon and Denise

  2. I love easy cool things that are clever!! Oh yes, this was totally featured at Freedom Fridays With All My Bloggy Friends today!!



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