Thursday, November 6, 2014

Frozen Ollie the snowman ornament tutorial

You can make this cute little Frozen Ollie ornament with only two champagne corks and a few supplies you probably already have on hand. Add some paint and . You may confuse this little snow fellow with his better known relative, Olaf, but Ollie is his own (Snow) man.   Easy and fun!  Hang it on the tree or use him for a package decoration for a Frozen fan!

You will need:

Two champagne corks

White spray paint (You can brush on acrylic paint but spray paint is quicker and easier)

Black acrylic paint

Black, white and orange dimensional fabric paint

Small paintbrush

Small awl or nail

20 gauge black wire

Wire cutters

Needle nosed pliers

Two wiggle eyes

Brown chenille stems


Toothpick or wood pick

Tacky craft glue

1.     Make a hole in the center bottom of the narrow end of each cork with the nail or awl.  Cut a piece of toothpick about ½” long.  Add some tacky glue to one end of the toothpick piece and using a twisting motion insert into one of the corks.  Add some more glue on the protruding toothpick and attach the two corks together.

2.     Paint both corks with either white spray paint or brush on acrylic paint(work in a well ventilated area or outside) and let dry.

3.     Attach two wiggle eyes with tacky glue.  (See photo)  Using acrylic paint add some eyebrows.  Use a pencil to draw a mouth with the front tooth for a painting guide.  Use the small paintbrush to fill in the drawn area with black acrylic paint leaving the tooth area white. Add a second coat if needed. Let dry.

4.     Add some buttons with the black dimensional fabric paint and a nose with the orange dimensional paint.  Use white dimensional paint to fill the tooth area. (Optional) Let all the paint dry.

5.     Cut four pieces of brown chenille stem 2 inches long.  Twist one 2-inch piece on the end of another 2-inch piece to make the fingers.  Repeat with the other two pieces of chenille stem.

6.     Use the awl to make a hole on each side of the body.  Using a twisting motion add a dab of glue on the end of the chenille arm and insert into the body.  Repeat for the other arm.  Bend however you would like.

7.     To finish make three holes in the top of the head.  Use the wire cutter to cut three 2-inch pieces of 20 gauge black wire.  Add some glue to the ends and insert into the top of the head where you made the holes.  Use the needle nosed pliers to curl.  (See photo)


  1. How fun! Makes we want to drink more wine so I can collect some Thanks for sharing this on Merry Monday and I hope you can join us again at 6pm PST on Sunday.


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