Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wine and champagne cork lighthouse ornament

Lighthouses are popular and these little recycled cork lighthouses will look adorable on your tree.  Make them in several different colors. They may great gifts attached to a package or gift wine bottle.  I’ve used some wire with the glue for extra stability. These mini lighthouses will stand upright or just hang on the tree.

You will need:

Wine cork

Champagne cork

Acrylic paint in red and black

Small paintbrush

20-gauge wire

Wire cutters

Needle nosed pliers

Small awl or nail

Hot glue gun and glue sticks or thick tacky craft glue


X-acto or craft knife

Heavy corrugated cardboard (to protect your work surface while cutting the cork)

220 sand paper


Scrap of cork sheet

Gold cord

Small eye screws

1.     Use the wire cutters to cut a ½” piece of 20 gauge wire.  Use the awl or nail to make a hole in the narrow end of the champagne cork.  Make a hole in the wider end of a wine cork and insert the wire piece.  Add some glue all around the wire and cork and attach to the champagne cork inserting in the hole you just made.

2.     Cut another wine cork in half.  Smooth the cut end with the sandpaper and make a hole with the awl. Cut a ½” piece of wire and insert into the hole adding a bit of glue as you attach. Use a compass to make a 1” diameter circle out of the cork sheet and cut out. Insert the wire through the cork sheet adding some glue as well. (See photos)

3.     Make a hole in the top of the wine cork/champagne cork piece, add some glue and adhere together with half cork and cork circle.

4.     Make the roof.  Using another ½ cork draw a triangle shape on the ends (See photo) and cut out.  Smooth out any rough edges with the sandpaper.  If you a hanger you need to attach it now before you put on the roof.  After you attach the gold cork hanger add some glue and attach the roof leaving a little over hang on each side.

5.     Paint the lighthouse with the red or black paint..  Use the photos as a guide.  Add the windows and door and let dry.


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