Thursday, March 3, 2016

Easy Easter Egg Box

Easy Easter Egg Box

Valentine's Day is history and the next holiday on the horizon is Easter.  This quick little Easter egg box is a great spring craft for kids, groups, assisted care facilities and more.  You could even set up a table outside when the weather gets nice and craft away.  Very little supplies are needed so they are very cost effective as well!

You will need:

Miniature Paper mache oval box

Acrylic paint, pink or any pastel color

Gold acrylic pant (optional)


Flat lace scraps (You can buy bags of misc. scrap lace in fabric stores for very little money)


Tacky glue

Easter egg box

1.     Paint the box top and sides with pastel color.  Paint the box bottom with the same pastel color.  Let dry.  

2.     Paint the inside of top and bottom in gold acrylic paint (if desired) Let dry.

Easter egg box

3.     Cut pieces of various flat lace scraps

4.     Decorate the top by gluing the scrap lace across.  Slightly arc the lace so it resembles a decorated egg.  Vary the lace strips with widths, designs and colors.  You can even add rhinestones if you like.  Let dry completely. 

Easter egg box

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