Thursday, April 21, 2016

Patriotic mini wearable hat - recycled craft

Patriotic mini hat

Memorial Day and July 4th is on its way and you can be prepared with a patriotic mini hat wearable!  You can wear this little patriotic mini hat by with the handy hair clips under the brim at all your parties and events.  And the best part of all is that you make it from an up-cycled Jell-O or pudding cup.  The kids will love to make these little hats.  You can optionally add some elastic string to the brim so the kids can easily wear them.


·      Jell-O or pudding cup, washed and dried
·      Acrylic paint in red and white
·      Heavy cardboard or mat board in blue
·      Star ribbon
·      Red rattail ribbon
·      Scissors or craft knife
·      Corrugated cardboard piece to protect your work surface
·      Paper plate to hold the acrylic paint
·      Small paintbrush
·      Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
·      Two alligator clips or optional string elastic
·      Compass
·      Blue sharpie marker
·      Optional: string elastic and awl or nail


1.     Paint white strips on the cup with the white acrylic paint and let dry.  After the white paint has dried paint red stripes next in the spaces next to the white stripes.  Let dry.  After it has dried add another coat of both colors if needed.

Patriotic mini hat

2.     Using the compass draw and cut out two 2 ½” diameter circles from the heavy blue mat board.  In the center of one the 2 ½” diameter circles cut out a 1” diameter circle.  This will fit over the cup to form the brim.

Patriotic mini hat

3.     Use the blue sharpie to color the edges of the circle if they are white.

Patriotic mini hat

4.     Fit the mat board/ cardboard brim over the painted cup and glue to the lip of the cup.  Glue the smaller blue piece of mat board or heavy cardboard to the top of the hat.

Patriotic mini hat

Patriotic mini hat

5.     Measure around the brim area and cut a piece of 1/4” wide star ribbon to fit around.  Use the hot glue gun to attach.  Glue rattail ribbon around the edge where the brim meets the hat to fill in any gaps.

Patriotic mini hat

6.     Glue the second mat board/cardboard large circle to the bottom open part of the hat with some hot glue.

7.     Attach two alligator hair clips to the bottom of the hat. 

Optionally:   make two holes on either side of the brim and thread some string elastic through the holes an knot them.

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