Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to make a fun recycled mosaic Easter egg

You can make a fun mosaic Easter egg from an old DVD.  It will catch the light and shine in basket or for an Easter egg hunt.  No losing this one!

Cutting DVD’s can be hard on the wrist and hands when you recycle them for crafts, but, did you know that DVD’s have layers?   If you separate the DVD into two layers then you will have two shiny sides that are much easier to cut into pieces.  You can only do it with DVD’s though, not CDs, but who doesn’t have some old DVD’s lying around?

This year when you have your Easter egg hunt you can have a really special egg for the grand prize.  These eggs look so elegant as it catches and flashes all the colors on the shiny surface. This is an awesome kid’s craft.  Just be sure a parent separates the DVD layers first! Gather a group and they can have fun making a whole basket of shiny mosaic Easter eggs.


Paper mache Easter eggs (they come in bags of 6 at the craft stores) or upcycle some old plastic eggs.



Thin steak knife (Mom or dad can do this step)

Thick tacky glue

Acrylic paint in desired color the darker colors will show between the pieces

Small paintbrush

Egg tray to put the eggs in as you work

Optional:  tweezers


1.    Cut a DVD towards the center hole.  Using the pointed end of a steak knife, carefully slide it in between the layers and push it all around to separate the layers.  You will have two pieces of the DVD.

2.    Use some acrylic paint and a small paintbrush to cover the entire egg with a base coat.  It is easiest to paint half the egg, put it in the egg tray to dry and when dry turn it over and paint the other half of the egg.

3.    Cut small pieces of the DVD in all shapes.  Since you are gluing to a curved surface it is best to keep the pieces small.

4.    Work in small sections at a time.  Apply dabs of tacky glue and attach the pieces one at a time close together but it’s not necessary to be exact.

5.    Continue adding pieces until you have covered the entire egg and let the glue dry.  Lightly clean off any excess glue from the shiny pieces with a damp paper towel if necessary.


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