Monday, November 2, 2020

How to use a holiday napkin to make amazing seasonal glass décor

 Did you know that ModPodge comes in a dishwasher safe formula?  And did you also know that you can use a holiday napkin to make amazing seasonal glass décor?  All sorts of holiday napkins are readily available at craft and party stores throughout the holiday seasons.  I found the most beautiful fall leaves accented with gold that is perfect for Thanksgiving.  


You can also use Christmas, New Year’s, Patriotic, Easter, and more napkins when they are available.  And if you use ModPodge dishwasher safe you can put your glassware on the top shelf of the dishwasher or hand wash as needed.  


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Seasonal decor




Glassware, plates, wine or beverage glasses, canning jars, etc.

Napkins in desired prints

Gold leaf pen


ModPodge dishwasher safe formula

Small paintbrush




First, choose your napkin.  Then, separate the layers of the napkin so that you are only using the printed piece. 

Seasonal decor

Seasonal decor

Next, choose your clear glass item.  For plates and dishes make sure the right side of the napkin is showing through the glass, so you will have to apply the ModPodge to the wrong side of the napkin.  If using beverage or wine glasses, apply the napkin right side up on the outside of the glass, but about an inch or so from the rim so that your lips will only touch the glass when using.

Seasonal decor


Now, measure and cut the right size for the area you are covering with the napkin.  Then, using the small paintbrush, liberally apply some ModPodge to the surface.  Immediately place the prepared napkin piece.


Next, brush a coat of ModPodge on the napkin.  Wrinkles are fine and give the piece added texture. Let it dry for a couple hours and then apply two more coats of the ModPodge as necessary.  Let dry completely.  It will be dishwasher safe or you can hand wash after it cures for about 28 days.

Seasonal decor

Seasonal decor


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