Wednesday, December 21, 2022

How to easily wood burn the cutest snowman gift tag

 Grab some bark wooden rounds and you can make the most adorable snowman gift tag.  You only need a woodturning tool (available at all craft stores and online) and some watercolor pencils.  Add to your gifts for an extra ornament gift on the gift.

snowman gift tag

How to wood burn the cutest snowman gift tag


Woodburning tool

Wooden rounds with bark

Watercolor colored pencils

Fine sandpaper


Rubbing alcohol

Small paintbrush


First, sand the fronts of your wooden rounds to smooth out any rough spots. Now, draw the snowman in pencil on the front of the round. Use the examples given, but you can always add some extra additions to your snowman to personalize. Ex: Nurses cap, etc.

snowman gift tag

Begin burning your tag

Next, heat up your woodburning tool.  Be extra careful since these tools get extremely hot. Carefully trace the lines on your snowman with the woodturner.  

snowman gift tag

When you have finished it is time to color in the parts you want to accentuate. Color the scarf, hat, etc. with the watercolor pencil of choice.

snowman gift tag

Now, using the alcohol and the small paintbrush brush the color to blend.  The alcohol makes the color sink into the wood itself.

snowman gift tag

To finish write to and from on the opposite side of the tag and use the woodturning tool to outline it.

Add the string for the tag (They are usually included with the wood rounds)

snowman gift tag

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