Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recylced K-Cup mini Easter Basket party favor tutorial

Save those K-cups!  Add some glue, paper twist and trim to make a cute mini Easter basket.  Fill them with Easter grass and some chocolate eggs for a fun party favor that your guests can take home.  These little baskets are a breeze to make so you can make a bunch in no time at all.  I’ve used a glue gun since it’s quicker but if you make this craft with kids you can easily substitute tacky glue.  Note:  If you use tacky glue clothespins are helpful for holding while the glue dries. These cute little baskets are not just for Easter, you can make them as party favors for all sorts of parties by simply changing the paper twist, eliminating the Easter grass and filling with candy!  

You will need:

Empty K-Cup, washed and filter removed

Twisted paper in a spring print

Twisted paper in a corresponding solid color

Glue gun and glue sticks

Scissors, pencil, ruler

About 12 inches of Decorative ribbon trim

1.     Cut two pieces of the printed twisted paper, one 8 inches and the other 2 inches.  Untwist both pieces flat.

2.     Place the K-cup on the 2-inch piece of flattened twisted paper and trace around.  Cut out the circle piece (bottom of basket).  Apply some hot glue to the bottom of the K-cup and attach the cut out circle.

3.     Using the flattened 8 inch piece of print paper twist start on one side, and add some hot glue to adhere.  Continue gluing and working around to cover all around the K-cup.  Make sure the paper is flush with the bottom edge. Since the paper twist is kind of wrinkly, it is very forgiving as you work around the basket.

4.     When you reach the end of the paper run a bead of glue down the side to attach both ends. Cut any excess paper. Tuck in all the paper at the upper edge inside the K-cup.  There is no need to glue this.

5.     Cut a 6-inch piece of solid color paper twist.  Do not untwist.  Add a dab of hot glue on the inside of one side of the K-cup.  When it is dry, glue the other the other end to the opposite side.  (Handle made)

6.     Glue a 6-½” piece of trim around the upper edge and 5 ½” piece of trim around the lower edge.

7.     Fill with some Easter grass and small candies.  

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  1. Crystal, this is so pretty! I love this! You must dream of all these crafts! LOL!


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