Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Easy Furry Easter Eggs tutorial

So you’ve made one of those popular scarves from the soft and fluffy yarn and have just a bit leftover, but don’t know what to do with it? Why not make a soft and furry Easter egg?  I like to call them Bunny Eggs since I fill them with a tiny chocolate bunny.  Any pastel color will do and you can use any size plastic egg container, whatever you have on hand.  I like to use it as the special egg that wins the prize in an Easter egg hunt. 

You will need:

Small amount of furry, fuzzy thin yarn (color choice optional)

Plastic Easter egg container

Tacky craft glue (I used Aleene’s turbo tacky glue)

Small chocolate bunny for filling the egg

1.     Take apart a plastic Easter egg and add yarn to one side of the egg at a time.  Starting with the larger half, squirt some glue on the top of the egg section and working around in a spiral fashion, attach the yarn adding glue as you go.  Continue adding glue and yarn circling the egg half until you reach the bottom edge.  Let dry.

2.     Begin adding glue and yarn in the same way to the other half (smaller side) of the egg. Make sure you do not add yarn on the lip that goes inside the larger half of the egg. (This area must not have yarn on it in order to close the egg) Let dry.

3.     When both sides of the egg are completely dry add the small chocolate bunny and close the egg.


  1. Great idea for the special prize egg. I don't have any suitable yarn so if I make one I've got to get some yarn. Maybe I'll just use scraps of material. After sewing for the past few days I have plenty of those. Hugs

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the tutorial...its really easy to make, yet a great looking egg...

    The golden bunny adds to the personality...

    -May ART be with you.


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