Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bowdabra Floral umbrella door hanger tutorial

Do you want something different for a door decoration?  Visit Bowbabra blog for the full tutorial to make this fun umbrella door hanger.  If you get tired of the flowers, just pop them out and add some different ones!  This project was made with a new child's sized umbrella but you can check out yard sales and thrift shops for inexpensive alternative choices.  Easy, quick and so very cute!  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

dinner easy
Welcome back for another dinner easy hosted by Make it easy crafts and Bowdabra blog and this time we are featuring 5 best recipes for Easter celebrations. 
What is dinner without an awesome appetizer? Serve these yummy Ham and cheese pinwheels for a wonderfully appetizing starter while waiting for the main event. Visit Karly at Buns in my oven for the full recipe. They are quick, easy and so delicious.
And what’s on the menu as the main event? Did you say ham? This ham is extra special with a secret ingredient that adds that extra touch that will have your guests smacking their lips. Check out this recipe from Kathy at Mamas southern cooking.
Springtime brings spring veggies and asparagus is the ultimate spring veggie. Heather from My sweet mission has a fantastic recipe for oven-roasted asparagus with Parmesan.  Heather at even has a section of healthy benefits of asparagus in addition to the recipe.
What do you do with the leftover ham? Who doesn’t love creamy, delicious scalloped potatoes with ham? Hop on over and visit Erika at Musings from a stay at home mom for the recipe.
And finally, lets talk about dessert. When I was a kid we Greeks would gather in the kitchen and make Easter butter cookies called Koulorakia. They are delicious with coffee or as a treat any time. Not too sweet, buttery and crispy good. The rolling is fun and although I’ve just made them in twists you can make all sorts of shapes, so it’s fun to bake these with your kids. Visit Crystal at Make it easy crafts for more recipes and craft tutorials.

For the Greek Easter cookie recipe card, click on the photo and print at 5 x 7 size

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Polymer clay chick peeps tutorial

You just have to have a set of chick peep earrings to go with your bunny peep ones don't you think? So this is the quick and easy tutorial so that you can just fill up that Easter basket with peeps.  You only need a little polymer clay so you can make several to give away as gifts.


  • Polymer clay scraps in yellow, or pink, turquoise or lavender

  • Tiny bit of brown polymer clay

  • Clay roller (only used for clay

  • Waxed paper to cover work surface

  • Cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil

  • Home oven

  • Sculpey matte finish

  • Small paintbrush

  • E6000 glue

  • Earring findings, post earring backs
Note:  Work on two earrings at the same time to make sure they are exactly matched in size.


1. Cover your work surface with waxed paper.  Condition your clay by kneading in your hands.

2.  Break off two pieces of your main color clay about 10mm size or the size of a large pea.

3.  Roll the clay about an inch in length. Apply more pressure on one end to form a point.  Repeat with second ball of clay.

4.  Bend up the clay in a U shape and then bend the pointed end down.  Repeat for second earring.

5.  Place on your work surface and lightly roll with the clay roller to flatten slightly. Repeat with second earring.

6.  Break a teeny tiny piece of brown clay, roll and apply to the face area on both earrings.

7.  Place the earrings on a aluminum foil covered cookie sheet and bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.  Do not over bake or bake at a higher temperature.  Do not use a microwave. Let cool.

8.  Use the small paintbrush to apply a coat of Sculpey Matte finish on both earrings and let dry completely.

9. Use E6000 glue to attach earring backs to both earrings.  Cut a piece of yellow construction paper or card stock into a bunny shape for adding to Easter baskets.

Note:  Don't stop with just earrings.  Make little peep charms and attach them to barrettes and hair bands too.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Polymer clay Bunny Peeps earrings | tutorial

Polymer clay bunny peeps earrings

Peeps are everywhere these days and they aren’t just for Easter anymore either.  They are fun in Easter baskets and at parties.  Don’t just fill those baskets with candy though.  Why not make some Easter peeps earrings.  They are fun for the young and the young at heart.  You can make them with scrap polymer clay leftover from other projects so it is super frugal.  Make a set for yourself and one to give as gifts.  After you add the earring posts cut, out a peep shape from yellow cardboard or construction paper and use for a unique way to add to an Easter basket!


·      Small amount of polymer clay in yellow, pink, or lavender

·      Tiny bit of brown polymer clay

·      Clay slicing tool and burnishing tool

·      Sculpey matte finish

·      E6000 glue

·      Small paintbrush

·      Cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil

·      Home oven

·      Ruler

·      Waxed paper to work on

·      Needle nosed pliers

·      Earring findings, Post earring backs

·      Rolling pin (Used for polymer clay only)

Note:  It is advisable to make two earrings at the same time so that you can make sure that each earring is the same size.

1.     Cover your work surface with waxed paper.  Condition your clay by kneading with your hands.

2.     Break off a small piece of clay in your desired color and roll into a ball (about 5mm size) It will be a little smaller than a pea. Break off another piece of clay a bit smaller than the first one (about 4mm size) and roll into a ball.  Put them together. (See photo)

3.     Cut two more pieces. (4mm size) Roll into a ball and slice in half.  You will have four pieces.  Roll each piece putting more pressure on one end to form a point.  Add two ears to each peep earring. Lightly roll with the clay roller to slightly flatten.  Use the burnishing tool to smooth out any lines.

4.     Break off just a teeny tiny piece of brown clay and roll.  Use your finger to add two eyes and a nose.  Lightly press in place.

5.     Place the earrings on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet and bake in a 275-degree oven for 15 minutes.  Do not bake longer or at a higher temperature.  Do not use a microwave oven.  When done remove from oven and let cool.

6.     When cool use a small paintbrush to brush a coat of matte finish on the front of each earring and let dry completely.

7.     Use E6000 glue to attach an earring back to each earring and let dry. 

Did you say you would like the instructions for making the chick peep too?  Well you're in luck, just come back next week for the full tutorial!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dinner easy - Healthy and low fat recipes

It's time for another "Dinner Easy!"  This week we are featuring recipes for a healthy life.  Dr. Janet Brill shows you how to thicken your soup deliciously without high fat ingredients with her New England Clam chowder soup.  Visit Bowdabra blog for the full recipe.

And Liz from Love grows wild Blog gives  you a skinny fettuccine recipe that will have you wondering why you don't fix more pasta!  Enjoy this week's recipes and come back next week for more Dinner easy!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recycled DVD Mosaic Easter Egg Tutorial

Recycled DVD mosaic Easter egg

Cutting DVD’s can be hard on the wrist and hands when you recycle them for crafts, but, did you know that DVD’s have layers?   If you separate the DVD into two layers then you will have two shiny sides that are much easier to cut into pieces.  You can only do it with DVD’s though, not CDs, but who doesn’t have some old DVD’s lying around? This year when you have your Easter egg hunt you can have a really special egg for the grand prize.  These eggs look so elegant as it catches and flashes all the colors on the shiny surface. This is an awesome kid’s craft.  Gather a group and they can have fun making a whole basket of shiny mosaic Easter eggs.


Paper mache Easter eggs (they come in bags of 6 at the craft stores) or upcycle some old plastic eggs.



Thin steak knife (Mom or dad can do this step)

Thick tacky glue

Acrylic paint in desired color the darker colors will show between the pieces

Small paintbrush

Egg tray to put the eggs in as you work

Optional:  tweezers


1.     Cut a DVD towards the center hole.  Using the pointed end of a steak knife, carefully slide it in between the layers and push it all around to separate the layers.  You will have two pieces of the DVD.

2.     Use some acrylic paint and a small paintbrush to cover the entire egg with a base coat.  It is easiest to paint half the egg, put it in the egg tray to dry and when dry turn it over and paint the other half of the egg.

3.     Cut small pieces of the DVD in all shapes.  Since you are gluing to a curved surface it is best to keep the pieces small.

4.     Work in small sections.  Apply dabs of tacky glue and attach the pieces one at a time close together but it’s not necessary to be exact.

5.     Work on adding pieces until you have covered the entire egg and let the glue dry.  Lightly clean off any excess glue from the shiny pieces with a damp paper towel if necessary.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dinner easy recipe roundup #3

Make it easy crafts and Bowdabra blog are happy to bring you another dinner easy recipe roundup. On St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish and what better way to celebrate than with a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner? This week we are featuring an easy crockpot recipe just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Visit Michelle from The Gracious wife for the full recipe.


Although it’s only March, strawberries are in all the grocery stores right now and they are perfect for Strawberry shortcake. Even though this is an easy recipe it tastes fabulous for one reason, you just don’t skimp on ingredients. Nothing but real whipped cream and butter will suffice. Not exactly a diet food I know but you know what they say about anything in moderation. The full recipe for the Strawberry shortcake is on a free printable recipe card for your convenience.