Thursday, September 18, 2014

Duct tape beanbag set

If you’ve got some leftover burlap ribbon and duct tape and don’t know what to do with them, why not whip up some beanbags? Make one, two or more and attach them together with a ribbon to give as gifts.  I made one in pink camo for a girl and one regular camo for a boy. 

For Duct tape beanbags you will need:

Duct tape in choice of color

Scraps of burlap ribbon 4 inches wide

Navy beans, black eyed peas or other dried bean



Plastic cutting board (optional but makes it easier to cut the duct tape)

1.     Measure and cut 4 inches from the burlap ribbon.  If you are using 4-inch wide ribbon you will have a 4-inch square.  Repeat for a second square.

2.     Working with the first burlap square cut four pieces 5 inches long from the duct tape.  Begin to cover the burlap square till you have used all five pieces evenly across.  Turn over.

3.     Working on the backside of the burlap square with the sticky edges facing up, cut four 5-inch pieces of duct tape.  Place the second burlap square on top of the first one. Begin on one side and attach a piece of duct tape.  Repeat for the bottom edge and finish on the opposite side.

4.     Add beans to the open end and close the opening with duct tape.  Pressing around to secure.  Trim up all around evenly.

5.     Cut strips of duct tape and cover the uncovered center across.  Cut four more strips of duct tape 5 inches long and reinforce all around each edge.  Repeat steps 1-5 to make a second beanbag.

Bow for gift giving:

You will need:

Bowdabra mini bowmaker with ruler

Bowdabra bow wire

12 inches of ¾” wide grosgrain ribbon

Extra ¾” wide grosgrain ribbon for wrapping around the bean bags

Hook and loop fastener tape

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1.     Cut a piece of Bowdabra bow wire 12 inches long, fold in half and insert into the Bowdabra bowmaker

2.     Cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon 12 inches long.  Insert into the bowmaker to the 2-inch mark. 

3.     Twist and make a loop to the 1 ½” mark on the opposite side.

4.     Twist and make a matching loop on the opposite side.  End with a two inch tail.

5.     Scrunch down with the bowmaker wand.

6.     Insert the two loose bow wire ends through the loop and pull tight.  Remove the bow from the bowmaker and tie a knot in the back.  Adjust the bow.

7.     Attach with a glue gun a corresponding piece of the hook and loop tape to each side of a piece of ribbon that wraps around both bean bags with some excess ribbon.  Glue the bow you’ve made on the ribbon end.  Use it to attach the beanbags together for gift giving.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teenage mutant ninja gourds

There are artificial gourds in all the stores right now.  Some people see plain ole gourds. I see Ninja gourds.  They are easy enough for kids to make with just a little paint and glue.  You can use little ones like I did or go up to any size available.  Wouldn’t larger ones make a cute Halloween display? 

You will need:

Four artificial gourds

Acrylic paint, white, black red, purple, blue and red

Black sharpie marker

Small paintbrush

Waxed paper to cover work surface

Paper plate for paint palette

Two wiggle eyes for each gourd

Tacky craft glue

1.     Use some white acrylic paint to paint round circles for the eyes on each gourd.  Let dry. 

2.     Use red acrylic paint to paint a mouth on each gourd and let dry.

3.     Paint around the eyes with blue, red, purple and yellow acrylic paint in a mask shape.  (See photo)  Paint all around the gourds making a tie at the back.  Let the paint dry. Add a dab of glue in the center of each white eye area and attach wiggle eyes.

4.     When all the paint has dried use the black sharpie marker to outline the mouth and all around each mask.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Giant clip bookmark/paper herder

Sometimes when I go out to a discount store I see something that I just know I want use for a craft.  When I saw these giant paper clips the wheels started to turn.  And so the giant bookmark clip/paper herder was born.  They are quick and easy and you can use them for a variety of things.  Bookmarks are one, but don’t stop there, they work great for organizing your papers by color or flower variety!
Schools in session and the kids are bringing home papers to sign, and homework assignments, etc.  Use these clips to get everything organized in style!

You will need:

¾” wide x 6 ½” long grosgrain ribbon in your choice of color

Jumbo paper clips

Fraystop or clear tacky glue



Small silk flower

Glue gun and glue sticks

Waxed paper to cover your work surface

1.     Fold one end of the ribbon in half and cut at an angle to make two points.  Repeat with the other end. Place the on the waxed paper and add some clear tacky glue on the cut ends to stop any fraying.  Let dry.

2.     Fold the ribbon in half and insert into the top of the paper clip.  Bring the ends through the loop and pull tight into a knot.  Adjust the two ends at the top of the paper clip so that they are laid flat one over the other.

3.     Attach a small flower to the knot area with a hot glue gun and glue sticks.  Use for a bookmark or just to organize your papers 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snow Queen Snowflake wand costume extra

If you are dressing your little girl up in a Frozen costume this year why not make a little snowflake wand for her?  It’s easy and it is so much fun.  Many stores already put out the Christmas ornaments or you can order online.  I have included several optional steps that you may or may not choose to use  on your wand.

You will need:

Approximately 3 feet of 2 ¼” wide sheer silver wired ribbon

Barbeque skewer

Sparkle snowflake ornament

Four mini icicle ornaments (Optional step)

Plastic straw (Blue works out well but you can cover it if you don’t have a blue one)

Scraps of white sparkle felt (optional)

Glue of choice, glue gun and glue sticks …or tacky craft glue

Bowdabra mini Bowmaker with ruler

Bowdabra silver bow wire

(Ribbon measurements are approximate and are flexible)

1.     Gather your supplies. Put a dab of glue on the end of the skewer.  Attach the 20-inch piece of wired ribbon.  Begin twisting the ribbon onto the skewer all the way down to the end wrapping as you go.  Attach a dab of glue to hold the end in place. 

2.     Cut a 1 ½” piece of the plastic straw.  Add some glue and place in the center of the snowflake. (Back of wand) Add some more glue to the tip of the wrapped skewer and insert into the straw.  Set aside while the glue dries.

3.     If you didn’t use a blue straw and you want to cover it, cut a small rectangle of white sparkle felt and cut the bottom corner as an angle.  Add some glue and attach over the straw.

4.     Make the Bow. 

5.     Cut an 18 inch piece of Bowdabra silver bow wire, fold in half and insert into the mini Bowmaker with ruler.

6.     Using about 18 inches of the silver wired ribbon place one end into the Bowmaker to the 3-inch line.

7.     Make loop at the 2-inch line on the opposite side

8.     Make a matching loop on the other side

9.     End with a tail at the 3-inch line. Scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.

10. Insert the two loose ends of bow wire through the loop and pull tight. Remove from Bowmaker and tie a knot in the back.  Tie the bow onto the wand and knot it. Use a pencil or pen to wrap the extra bow wire around to make a spiral.  Repeat on the other side and pull to the front.

11. Glue on four mini icicles on the front of the wand. (optional)