Monday, January 15, 2018

How to easily paint a fun light bulb icon pull chain

light bulb icon pull chain

You’ve had it happen before.  You enter a room and want to turn on the ceiling fan light but instead of pulling the right cord for the light you turn the fan on full blast.  Not a fun experience right.  Well if you paint a simple but fun light bulb icon pull chain you will never pull the wrong cord by mistake again! 

It’s so easy to paint this light bulb icon pull chain in just minutes.  Then, attach it to your ceiling fan.  Using a piece of recycled champagne or wine cork you simply paint the light bulb with acrylic paint, so it basically costs nothing!  How is that for solving this common household problem?  So lets get started


Ultra fine line sharpie marker
White acrylic paint
Silver acrylic paint
Yellow acrylic paint
Clear acrylic finish
Small paintbrush
Champagne or wine cork
Ball chain
X-acto or craft knife
Small awl or drill
Tacky craft glue
Corrugated cardboard or self-healing plastic mat
Fine sandpaper

1.     Working on the cardboard or self-healing mat use the craft knife to slice about ¾” off the top of a wine cork or champagne cork.  A Champagne cork is larger so that is what I used, but you can substitute a wine cork and your light bulb will be smaller.

2.     Use the sandpaper to file down any writing on the top of the cork and to make a smooth surface and remove any writing.

3.     Next, use the awl or drill to make a hole in the cork.  You only need to drill halfway down.  Then, add a dab of tacky craft glue and push the ball chain into the hole and let dry.  You are ready to add your image.

4.     Using the fine line marker draw a light bulb shape on the flat side of the cork.  (Pear shaped, see photo)  Next fill in the bulb with white paint.  Then, add the silver paint for the top of the bulb. 

5.     Finally outline the entire outside area of the bulb with yellow paint and let dry completely.

light bulb icon pull chain

6.     When the paint has dried, with the marker, draw some highlight lines around the bulb.  Then coat the entire piece with clear finish. Let dry and attach to your ceiling fan light.

light bulb icon pull chain

light bulb icon pull chain

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light bulb icon pull chain

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Make it easy craft's five best posts of 2017

Make it easy crafts five best posts of 2017

I figured what better way to start 2018 than to put up a list of Make it easy craft's five best posts of 2017.  This past year recycled wine cork crafts were very popular as were painted rocks.  The best of which are listed in order of popularity.  

It’s a New Year and a new chance to start anew.  While I don’t buy into the resolution thing, I do feel that every year gives everyone a refreshed chance to get it right. Whether you need to work on yourself or on how you relate to others it never hurts to try to be the best you can be.

With that said I must apologize for being a bit lax with posts of late.  The Holidays, this year, were even more busy than they have been in the past and the time seems to fly by.

So instead of a resolution that will just fall by the wayside in a couple weeks, I will focus on one thing for 365 days.  I will focus on one positive word each month.  The word for January is kindness. 

So with no further adieu, I will list the five most popular posts of 2017 and wishing you the best as we dive into 2018. 

1.  Loveable wine cork Valentine bear

Thanks for a great year and hope your New Year will be the best ever!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to make a unique holiday gift for your favorite hairdresser

Do you need to make a unique little holiday gift for your favorite hairdresser?  You can give a gift card or an extra large tip but if you want to give that unique holiday gift that will be treasured then, paint one! 

It’s easy with these step-by-step instructions.  Simply purchase a wide backed hairbrush.  I got one for a song at a department store.  This little snowman will be perfect for the holidays and even throughout the winter. Tie a festive bow on the handle and you will have a perfect and unique holiday gift for your hairdresser!


Wide backed hairbrush
Acrylic paint, white, black, Payne’s gray, red, orange, burnt umber, ultramarine blue
Small paintbrush
Ribbon Bow
Paper or foam plate to use as a palette


1.     Gather all your supplies. Then, Wipe down the back of your hairbrush to remove any oils. 

2.     Next, working on the back of the brush, load your brush with white paint.  Make a small circle close to the top of the hairbrush.

3.     Now make two circles, each larger than the previous one on top of each other.  (Snowman is shape made)

4.     While the white paint is still semi-wet add some blue to the left sides curving around each white circle.  Blend together so there is no line of demarcation.

5.     Add some extra white paint where it needs it.

6.     Now, draw a hat shape with the Payne’s gray.  Add a little white paint on the right side and top and blend together. Let dry.

7.     Finally, paint a red scarf around the snowman’s neck.  Add two black dots for eyes, and several for the mouth.  Paint an orange triangle shape for the nose and underline with the burnt umber for shadows.

8.     Finish the snowman.  Use black paint and burnt umber to paint two arms.  It doesn’t matter what direction it faces or how many twigs you add. Add some little dabs of white paint on the twig arms, and top of the hat.  Then, add some snow with white paint under the snowman.  Use the blue paint to add some shadows.  For a final touch add some dots for snow. (Optional)

9.     Tie a bow on the handle and give to your favorite hairdresser!

Monday, December 18, 2017

How to gift a book with a personalized ribbon bookmark

personalized ribbon bookmark

At Christmas, some of my friends and family are avid readers.  While they do have tablets with EBooks on them, nothing beats the turning of real pages.  So as I purchase these books I make a simple but personalized ribbon bookmark for each book.  The supplies for the ribbon bookmark are easily available and inexpensive.  And best of all they adjust to the book.  Use buttons that your friend or family will love. 

It’s so easy you will want to make several for yourself as well!


Elastic hair tie
Grosgrain ribbon to fit snuggly around the book
Unique button, or cabochon, embellishment
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Lighter to seal ribbon


1.     Gather your supplies.  To begin, wrap the ribbon of your choice around the book.  Keep in mind that you will be folding the ribbon under as a seam.  Cut the piece of ribbon and run a lighter lightly across the ends to seal.

2.     Next, Add the hair tie and fold under.  Add some hot glue (or you can sew this if you desire) to attach.

3.     Now make sure the opposite end is folded to where each end meets and the seams face the same direction and hot glue or sew that ends as well. (See photo)

4.     Then, attach a button of the folded end with hot glue or sew it on.  Make sure your button or embellishment is tall enough for the elastic to attach.

5.     Add the bookmark to the book attaching the elastic around the button or embellishment to secure the place.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to make a sweet puppy card brooch for the holidays

Do your children need a cute little gift for the teacher this year?  Maybe you would like to make something special for a friend or co-worker.  If you are like me you get lots of cards in the mail and never throw any away.  They are just too cute, especially the puppies, kittens and other cute animals.  So this year, I grabbed a few simple supplies and made adorable a sweet puppy card brooch.  They were an immediate hit.  I mean who doesn’t love puppies or kittens? 

You can make some too and they cost practically nothing so when you need a few simple gifts they very budget friendly.  Simply look through old cards or new ones that you can pick up at the dollar store, or even samples you get in the mail.  Choose a small animal image, cut out and create your brooches.


Christmas cards with puppies or kittens or any adorable animal
ModPodge Dimensional Magic
Stiffened felt in coordinating color
Waxed paper to protect your work surface
Tacky craft glue
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Tiny bows, usually 10 in a package


1.     Find your image. Cut out your image. Use some tacky craft glue to attach the image to the stiffened felt and let dry. 

2.     Place your prepared image on some waxed paper.  Do not shake the ModPodge dimensional magic or you will have bubbles form.  Use the ModPodge dimensional magic to cover the image right up to the edges.  Let dry for several hours. 

3.     Now, add another coat of ModPodge dimensional magic up to the edges as you did before.  Let dry completely.

4.     Using the hot glue attach a little ribbon to the front of your brooch.

5.     Add a pin back on the back. 

We hope you enjoyed this simple and easy craft tutorial.  This is a super kid’s craft.  Kids just love when they something for their teacher or Grandma!  Visit Make it easy crafts again for more fun and easy DIY crafts! And please follow on Facebook, Pinterest, G+, twitter, and bloglovin.  We love comments.