Monday, July 24, 2017

How to easily make an adorable snowman ornament

snowman ornament

It's July, and July is the best time to start making your Christmas ornaments.  This snowman ornament is made from a recycled K-cup so it's green as well as adorable. The days are warm and lazy and the kids are out of school so there is plenty of time to create!  Get a head start on Christmas with this sweet recycled k-cup snowman ornament before school starts back and you are swamped with PTA meetings, soccer games and more.

Here at Make it easy crafts, it's Christmas in July with the easy k-cup snowman ornament.


Two used K-cups, one black, and one white. (Filters removed and washed.)

Black Felt

Black and orange dimensional fabric paint

12” of 1/8” ribbon

Tacky craft glue



Nail or something to puncture a hole in the tops of the K-cups

Round paper punch

White colored pencil to mark on dark felt


Large eye darning needle (optional)

Pony Bead

1.     Insert the white pencil in the compass and make a 1 ½” diameter circle on the black felt.  In the same starting point make another circle inside the first one at a 1” diameter.  Cut out the first circle and then cut out the center circle. You will have a felt ring.  (See photo)

2.     Slide the felt ring on the black K-cup stopping at the rim.  Snowman’s hat made. Set aside.

3.     Turn the white K-cup upside down and make a hole in the center with the nail.  Repeat for the black K-Cup with the felt rim.  

4.     Place the top of the black K-cup down on the black felt and trace around with the white pencil.  Cut out.  Make a mark on the felt where the center hole is and make a hole with the paper punch.  Line up the felt with the hole on the top of the hat and glue down with some tacky glue.  Let dry.  Trim any excess felt with the scissors.

5.     Thread a pony bead on the ribbon, center so that it is in the middle with six inches on each end.  Insert both ends of the ribbon through the hole in the white K-Cup.  The pony bead will secure it to the inside. You may use a large eye darning needle here to get through the hole easier although I had no trouble doing it with just the ribbon.  Tie a knot in the ribbon one inch from the top of the white K-Cup, and then continue to thread it through the top of the black K-cup.  The knot separates both of the K-Cups so they hang independently. (See photos)

6.     Tie a knot in the top of the final end of the ribbon to hang the ornament.  

7.     Tilt the hat so you can use the black and orange dimensional fabric paints to make a face on the snowman.  (See photo) If you want, you may add some glitter glue on the top of the hat for extra pizzazz. Let the paint and glitter dry.  When hanging the hat will sit straight with the snowman dangling under.  


Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to make fun wire horse silhouette earrings

wire horse silhouette earrings

Do you love horses?  Do you know someone who loves horses?  You can quickly and easily make these fun wire horse silhouette earrings in minutes with simple supplies.

I’ve used copper wire to make my horse silhouette earrings but you can use silver or gold depending upon your preferences.

These horse silhouette earrings make super gifts for any horse lover on your list!

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Wire horse silhouette earrings


20 gauge copper wire

E size seed beads in desired color

Copper ear wires

Wire cutter

Needle nosed pliers

1.     Cut two 5-inch pieces of 20 gauge copper wire.  Working on one earring at a time and using the needle nosed pliers tightly curl one end of the wire.  Stop when there is 3 inches of wire left.

2.     On the straight uncurled end of wire thread on six E beads.  Push the curl right up to the straight wire under the first seed bead to contain the beads.

3.     Right after the last bead you threaded, bend the wire to the right.  Leave 1/8” of wire and bend to the left.  Bend to the right again, go up another 1/8” and bend to the left.  (Ears made)  If they are misshapen use your needle nosed pliers to squeeze them together and adjust.

4.     Measure ½” down from the second ear and curve the nose.  Lightly squeeze to make an indentation in the wire about 1/8” from the nose under the jaw. (Muzzle)  Grab the tip end with the pliers and curl up to create the jaw line. Reshape the horse with your hands.

5.     Use the pliers to open up the ear wire and hook onto the back ear.  Squeeze the wire closed. 

6.     Repeat the steps to make another earring checking occasionally to verify that the earrings are as uniform as possible.  When attaching the ear wire to the second earring be sure and turn the horse head so that they are facing in opposite directions.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

How to make an easy luggage tag, fun kid's craft

Whenever you go anywhere and fly everyone seems to have the same color luggage.  You can make a personalized easy luggage tag that sets your luggage apart from the crowd. The tag is big enough to be noticed but is also very lightweight.

This is a perfect project for kids, girls scout groups, vacation Bible school and so much more.  You make this luggage tag from foam door hangers that are very inexpensive.  It's a great way to use up all those extra little foam shapes that the kids may have not used up yet too! 

So let’s get started!


2 foam door hangers in contrasting colors

Disappearing marker

Hole punch or nail, scissors

Tacky craft glue

Sharpie marker 

16” of flexible plastic string (used for beading)

Small foam shapes to fit in the center hole

Easy luggage tag

1)   Choose two contrasting colors of foam door hangers.  Measure 3 inches from the bottom of one door hanger marking with a disappearing marker and cut off. Do the same with the other door hanger except you will measure from the top  (the end with the hole) and cut off. 

2)   Place them together and you will have a recessed area on one end.  You will not be putting any glue in the recessed area. 

3)   Using a large hole punch or simply poke a hole with a nail in the center of the non-door hole area.

4)   Line up both side together so that the hole you punched is in the center of the door hole.  (This is the top of your tag)
5)   Spread some tacky glue onto the side with the door hole. Press together and let dry.  Trim the corners at an angle.

6)   Glue foam shapes in the recessed door hole areas if desired or just leave as is.   Attach a piece of flexible plastic string through the punched hole and attach to luggage.  Use the Sharpie marker to label with name and address.

Monday, June 26, 2017

How to make fun pencil pouch from duct tape

fun pencil pouch

It’s almost July and pretty soon it will be time to purchase school supplies.  You can personalize a fun pencil pouch from a plastic zipper storage bag and some duct tape.

There are literally hundreds of different color duct tapes available.  So there is a personalized design for every taste and color preference. And duct tape is very sturdy. You can even punch holes in the bag to add to a binder. 

This fun pencil pouch is fun to make for kids.  So you will never  be at a loss when they come to you saying they are bored.


One gallon sized slider style storage bag

Duct tape in desired print or color

Plastic cutting mat-- optional (helps with cutting the duct tape)

Ruler, marker, scissors

Three-hole punch or regular hole punch

1.     Measure and cut 3 inches off the bottom edge of the storage bag.  Discard the cut off piece.

2.     Measure and cut 5 pieces of duct tape to 10 ½” each.

Cutting duct tape is easy to measure on a plastic cutting mat

3.     Starting at the upper edge attach a 10 ½” piece of duct tape over the plastic of the bag and across. Press to adhere.  Repeat with three more pieces of duct tape overlapping just a bit where the edges meet to cover the bag. Overlap the bottom edge of the final piece and press to the opposite side.

4.     Turn over to cover the other side.  Cut 4 pieces of duct tape to 12” each.  Start as you did on the first side except fold the extra length on each side (about ½” on each side) to the back. (Already covered side)  

5.     When you have completely covered the bag, you will need to reinforce the sides and bottom edge.  To do this cut 2 pieces of duct tape 7 ¾” each.  Press half the tape on one side covering any uneven edges and turn the excess to the opposite side.  Repeat on the other end.  For the bottom, cut another piece of duct tape 10 ½” and attach part to one side and fold the rest to the other side. (Bottom reinforced)

6.     Use a three-hole punch to make holes for the loose-leaf binder along the bottom edge.  If you do not have a three-hole punch, use a piece of loose-leaf paper to trace where the holes should be and punch with a regular hole punch.

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