Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recycled CD snowflake ornament

It’s not too early to think about making Christmas ornaments.  The tree will be up before you know it.  The lights reflect off this snowflake to shine and sparkle.  With a little help from a parent this is a great “keep em busy” kid’s project!

You will need:

Two discarded CD or DVDs

Old scissors or tin snips

Tacky craft glue

Paper mache snowflake ornament (available from craft stores)
The one I used had a ¼” thickness.

Gold glitter dimensional fabric paint

1.     Cut the Cd or DVD up into various sized pieces.  Smaller areas will need smaller pieces. 

2.     Begin gluing the pieces shiny side up onto the paper mache ornament.  Leave some space between the pieces.  After you have filled up one side glue on some small pieces to the edges all around. (Since adding fabric paint to the edges may not be easy for kids, if you desire, you can butt the CD pieces on the edges together and eliminate the fabric paint between)

3.     After one side has dried, turn over and add pieces to the opposite side. 

4.     Shake down the fabric paint to remove any bubbles.  Test on scrap paper before using.  Fill in the gaps between the CD pieces with the dimensional fabric paint on one side and the edges around.  Let dry completely. After the fabric paint has dried, turn the ornament over and fill in the gaps with the fabric paint on the opposite side.  Let dry.