Sunday, September 2, 2012

Eyes in the dark Halloween party favor bag

Eyes glow in the dark

Have you ever looked out towards a dark woods and saw glowing eyes staring back.  It was creepy wasn’t it?  Well, you can re-create that creepy feeling with an easy to make little treat bag for your Halloween party.  Let the chills begin!

You will need:

Black gift bag

Various sizes and colors of wiggle eyes

Glow in the dark paint writer (available at Craft stores and online)

1.     Gather together various sizes and colors of wiggle eyes.  Squeeze two dollops of glow in the dark paint on the bag.  Make sure the amount of paint is about the same size as the wiggle eyes you have chosen. 

2.     Press each eye into the wet paint allowing some to surround the eye.

3.     Continue adding eyes in pairs, varying the sizes until you are satisfied with the amount.  Let dry.

Eyes glow in the dark

4.     Fill with treats or candy as party favors.  The photos do not do justice (my camera is only so high tech) to fully show the glow in the dark effect, you have to try it for yourself!