Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Easy Kid's craft Halloween spider

This creepy little spider is an easy Halloween craft to make with your children. 

You will need:

Black Felt and red felt

Black craft fur

Tacky Craft Glue

Four bump style Chenille Stems

Two wiggly eyes


Cardboard and white chalk pencil (to make a template)

Compass (optional)


1.  Use the cardboard to cut a circle as a pattern for the size spider you desire. I made a circle template because all of the pieces are dark and it is easier to trace around that way.  (They can be made in various sizes and displayed in groups)  For the size pictured I traced around a masking tape roll but you can use a compass to cut any size you want.  After you make the pattern cut one circle from the fur and one from the felt.

2.  Cut an hourglass shape out of the red felt.

3.  Glue four bump style chenille stems across the black felt circle and let dry.

4.  Using a generous amount of Tacky glue attach the fur circle onto the top of the black felt that you have glued the chenille stems.  Make sure they meet at the edges.  Let the glue dry completely.  Trim the fur if needed.

5.  Glue on two wiggly eyes and the red hourglass onto the top of the fur.  Bend the legs as desired, fluff the fur and enjoy.

He is soft and bendable and dare I say...adorable