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How to upcycle a subscription box with decoupage

upcycle a subscription box

How to upcycle a subscription box with decoupage


Many people are enjoying internet subscription boxes whether it is for makeup, supplies, just about anything.  A lot of these subscriptions arrive in sturdy two-piece boxes that would be a shame to toss.  What can you do with them?  Well, they make wonderful gift boxes and decorative storage for small items in your home.  


Using a printed paper napkin of your choice and some ModPodge decoupage medium you can transform these boxes into amazing gift boxes and more for almost zero dollars!  Christmas is right around the corner and these would be a perfect no-wrap addition to your holiday gift-giving.

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A subscription box with cover

Gesso or white paint


ModPodge decoupage medium

Printed napkin

Ruler, scissors


Hot glue gun and hot glue




First, gather all your supplies.  Next, cover your work surface.  Then, use the paintbrush and some Gesso or white paint to cover the writing or advertising print on the top and sides of the box.  You may want to paint the entire box top and bottom.  Set aside and let dry completely.

upcycle a subscription box


Choose your napkin and then, remove the extra layer.  You may have to cut a piece to see where it can come apart.  Most napkins have a print layer and a solid layer.  Discard the solid layer.


Now measure and cut strips and pieces to fit on all sides of the box.  Cut pieces for the top, bottom, sides, etc.  Work on one section at a time taking care not to touch the wet areas with your fingers, only use the brush for placement. 


Using the ModPodge brush a thin layer of medium on each area attach the corresponding napkin pieces and then immediately brush a layer on top. Work all around the box adding pieces of the napkin.  Let dry

upcycle a subscription box

upcycle a subscription box


When the entire piece is dry, brush a thin layer of ModPodge over every area and let dry completely.


Draw a bead of hot glue over the top of the box sides and attach a strip of decorative ribbon all around.  The subscription box is now ready to enjoy anew!

upcycle a subscription box

upcycle a subscription box

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