Saturday, September 8, 2012

Halloween costume party prize ribbons

I love creating things from unexpected items. If you have a costume party this Halloween you’ll want to award some prize ribbons for the best, the scariest, or the funniest costume.  These ribbons are quick, easy and use a minimal amount of supplies. I’ve used Halloween printed cupcake liners for the rosette. (I did say cupcake liners--yes you read it right)  And after you’ve finished the ribbons why not bake some cupcakes with the extra liners for the party?

You will need:

Halloween printed cupcake liners

Black cardstock (or any color to coordinate with your cupcake liners)

7/8” Halloween printed ribbon in a complimentary color 

Tacky craft glue


Compass with pencil

Pin back

Glow in the dark paint writer (available at craft stores)

1.     Flatten out the cupcake liner with the palm of your hand.  Cut a slit just up to the bottom center edge, cut three more slits at intervals around for a total of four slits.  This will allow the cupcake liner to splay and some of the black cardstock will peek through.

2.     Use the compass to cut a 2 ¼” diameter circle from the black cardstock.  Cut two 5” pieces of printed ribbon and glue to the cardstock.  Add some more tacky glue on the back of the cupcake liner and attach it over the cardstock and ribbon.

3.     Cut a 1-inch diameter circle from the black cardstock spread some tacky glue in the center of the rosette and attach.  Let all the glue dry.

4.     Use the glow in the dark paint writer to print the prize awards. e.g. best, scariest, funniest, etc. in the center black cardstock of the rosettes.  Let dry.  Spread a dab of glue on the back of the ribbon and affix a pin back. 

To further coordinate your party you can make a banner with some cupcake liners.  Simply attach several cardstock circles together with 4-inch pieces of ribbon to the length you need and then glue flattened cupcake liners on top.  Loop the ribbon at both ends before you glue so you will be able to hang it.