Sunday, November 21, 2021

How to make a super easy dollar Christmas stocking extra special

Christmas stocking


I always fill stockings for my adult children. The problem is that when they go back to their homes, they take the Christmas stocking with them. So, the following year, I must come up with another generic stocking to fill.  Since, the cost of the contents is usually pricey, the stocking must be reasonable, but attractive.  I got this simple felt stocking for a dollar, but I wasn’t happy with the way they looked.  So, I created a felt mosaic buffalo plaid embellishment.  It is so easy that you could even do this with young children.




Inexpensive felt stockings

Red felt

Burgundy felt

Black felt

Fabric glue

Cardboard to insert into the stocking while you add your felt squares.



Gather your supplies.


First, cut a piece of cardboard the width of the stocking and insert it into it.  This will help with stability while you add the your felt squares to your Chiristmas stocking.


Now, cut ½” x ½” squares from the red, burgundy and black felt.  Next plan out how the squares will be positioned on your stocking.


Now begin to glue each square on the stocking working horizonally.



Row 1:  black, burgundy, black, continue this pattern to the end


Row 1: burgundy, red, burgundy, continue this pattern to the end.


Repeat row 1 and 1 till you have made your felt mosaic buffalo plaid as wide as you want on your stocking. Optionally add some extra trim to the top of the stocking.

Christmas stocking


Let dry completely.  You will have a faux felt mosaic buffalo plaid Christmas stocking.

Christmas stocking

Don't stop here though.  You could also glue different ribbons on the cuff of the stocking for a very attractive look.  Add trims, cabochons, beads, or bells for a myriad of variations.