Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Celebrate autumn - How to make easily make a colorful fall pumpkin topiary

pumpkin topiary


Learn how to make this colorful fall pumpkin topiary with this quick and easy DIY.  


Pumpkins are everywhere right now.  If you want to pumpkin spice up your décor follow this easy tutorial to create this super easy pumpkin topiary.  Check out the dollar stores for stacking pumpkins, grab some supplies, and let’s get started!




Spray primer


Stackable pumpkins


Acrylic paints in a choice of colors


Small Paintbrush


Misc. fall florals and berries


3 yards of 1 ½’ wide green ribbon (I used double side greens)


Green Ribbon bow


Glue gun and glue sticks





First, spray all your pumpkins with a coat of primer and let dry.  (You should do this outside or in a well-ventilated area)


Next, decide what colors you would like your pumpkins.  You can paint them solid or paint a pattern.  Anything goes.  I decided to paint one orange, one cream, and the top one brownish red. Apply one coat and let dry, then apply the second coat and let dry completely.


Make a bow for the top of the pumpkin.  To make a super easy and beautiful bow try using the Bowdabra bow maker.  It’s like having an extra hand.


While your pumpkins are drying, you can make your bow.  


Finally, snap the pumpkins together. I like to secure it even better by adding a bit of hot glue. Now, using the hot glue attach foliage, florals, leaves, and berries all around the bottom edge of the biggest pumpkin.  Continue adding florals all around where the second pumpkin attaches to the first one.  


Tie the green bow to the stem of the top pumpkin and add some leaves in between the bow. You have a gorgeous pumpkin topiary to display indoors or on a front porch in an urn.


Note:  You can go one step further by wrapping around some twinkly lights and hiding the battery pack under the largest pumpkin