Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy To Make Scrapbook With Old Horse Show Ribbons

If you show horses you know that in one show alone you can amass quite a few ribbons. Before long, there is no place left to display the fruits of your labors. Wall hangings and pillows are a great way to showcase these awards  ...or you can make a scrapbook to hold your photo memories as well.  All you need is a simple 1 ½” clear view binder.  Add your scrapbook items in sheet protectors and you are all set.

You will need:

One 1 ½”  3-ring clear view binder

Loose-leaf sheet protectors

Various Horse show ribbons

Art paper (sold in craft stores) which comes sized-- 9" x 12" pack of various colors or you can substitute any heavy colored paper 

Permanent glue stick

Scissors, ruler

Disappearing marker

Waxed paper to work on

1.     Cut a piece of art paper in a color of choice 9” x 11”

2.     Take apart the printed ribbon strips from the ones you intend to use for your scrapbook.  Cut the ribbons to 7 ¾” length.  Most ribbons are 2” across so your ribbon strips should be 2” x 7 ¼”.  You will need four across and one at the top for a total of five ribbons. 

3.     Line up your ribbons side by side on the art paper and mark their positions with a disappearing marker.

4.     Working on a piece of waxed paper to protect your work surface, cover the back of each ribbon strip with the glue stick and attach to the marked areas.  Smooth down with your finger.

5.     When you have attached all the ribbons strips, feed the paper with strips attached through the clear plastic of the binder.  If you would like the ribbons to be on both sides of the binder, repeat steps 1-4 for the back of the binder.

6.     If you would like to add an unprinted ribbon piece to the side. (Optional) Cut a strip of paper 1” x 11” attach a 1” x 8” ribbon piece with the glue stick and carefully feed through the clear plastic.

Create some scrapbook pages and add them to the sheet protectors for memories that last forever!


  1. This is such a fantastic idea. Thanks for the tut.

  2. I so need to do this for my son with his ribbons from FFA. This is a great idea to preserve these great memories and a super great brag book:) Thank you for supporting and sharing at Freedom Fridays!

  3. I just passed this on to my friend who shows her dog - she has LOTS of ribbons. Great idea.

  4. Hello! I found your DIY here from Pinterest, I wanted to share a post I did featuring your ribbons - Hope you like it!


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