Friday, April 19, 2013

Personalize your flip-flops

Inexpensive flip-flops are all over the place right about now and are so budget friendly at around dollar or two.  They are plain and simple summer staples, but that is the problem, they are plain and simple.  Why not dress them up with some wrapping tissue and Modpodge decoupage glue. 

You will need:

Flip-flops in desired color

Wrapping tissue in a print, flowers, stars anything goes 

ModPodge decoupage glue

Small paintbrush

Ruler, pencil scissors

Small pointed scissors

Wax paper or cardboard to cover your work surface

Tape measure

1.     Measure the thickness of the flip-flop sole.   Mine was ½” thick.   Use the tape measure to determine how many inches it is all around the sides of your flip-flop.  Cut a length of tissue paper the thickness of the flip-flop by the measurement to go around it, adding 1//4” extra at the ends. Cut it into two pieces.  It is easier to work in two pieces and overlap when the ends meet.

2.     Using a small brush spread some Modpodge decoupage glue around half the flip-flop sides and lightly press the tissue paper into this glued area.  Continue with the second piece of tissue paper and meet the other end overlapping slightly.  Spread on a second coat of glue on top and smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers.  (Don’t worry decoupage glue washes off of hands easily)  Repeat for other flip-flop and let both dry.  Snip off any tissue overlap with the pointed scissors.

3.     Measure each side of the thong part of the flip-flop and cut a piece of tissue paper the width by the length.  Cut the end by the toe area at an angle. Working on one side of the thong at a time, spread a bit of decoupage glue and gently press on the tissue paper as you did with the sole sides.  Repeat with a second coat on top being sure to smooth out any wrinkles.  Snip off any tissue overlap with the pointed scissors.  Do the same with the other side of the thong.  Let dry.  Repeat this step with the other flip-flop.  Any texture on the thong as well as the original color of the flip-flop will show through for a cool painted on look.  

4.     When both flip-flops are dry spread on another coat of decoupage glue over all the tissue paper areas and let dry. 

Note:  These are extremely durable but I do not recommend prolonged immersion in water.

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  1. This is so adorable! Thanks for letting us know about the water ;o)


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