Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Floral painted wine glass tutorial

Painted wine glasses are all the rage.  Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial and you can create unique floral wine glasses of your own.  Using a layering technique the inside of the flower shows through the interior of the glass. And with Christmas right around the corner they will make great Christmas presents.  Bake your glasses (No they won’t melt) to make them top rack dishwasher safe although I would recommend hand washing.

You will need:

·      Gloss paint (specifically for glass and it will say so on the label) You can buy them in bottles but since you will be using several different colors and you don’t use that much on each wine glass, I suggest a set of tiny paint pots in various colors:
·      Dark brown, med brown, bright yellow, yellow, light yellow, light green, green, white, gray, light pink

·      Wine glasses

·      Alcohol

·      Paper towels

·      Cotton swabs

·      Small liner brush

·      Small flat brush

1.     Wash and dry the wine glasses.  Wipe down the glasses with alcohol to remove any residue, oils and finger marks.

2.     Turn your wine glass upside down and work on the outside bottom outside of the bowl.  Using the liner brush make small dots around with dark brown.  Working towards the base, add a second line of dots with medium brown.  Follow with bright yellow, yellow and light yellow. (See photos)  Continue adding dots around with light green, bright yellow and green. End with light green dots right up to base of the stem.  Let dry.  You will be layering colors so you will need to let the paint dry between layers.  (This layer is the inside of the flower and when you are finished you will not see the dots on the outside. You can look inside the wine glass to visualize how it is coming out)

View of inside of glass

3.     Using the liner brush and gray paint, outline four petals starting at the base where you began your circle of dots.  Fill in the petals with the flat brush loaded with white paint.  Let dry.

4.     Repeat with a second layer of white paint on the petals.  While the paint is still wet line the edges with a bit of gray and blend.  Let dry.  Make sure you have covered the petal with white as well as you can.  You may have to add a third coat of paint.

5.     When the paint is dry add some green paint in petal shapes a little up the side of the white petals.  Cover the dotted area with green and continue down the stem and base.  Let dry and add a second and maybe a third coat. 

6.     Finish with a little light pink paint on the tips only of the petals and blend into the white.

7.     Use a cotton swab with alcohol to remove any paint where you may not want it.

8.     Bake your wine glasses.  Place your painted wine glasses on a baking sheet. And place in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes.  Let cool in the oven.  When done they will be top rack dishwasher safe but I recommend hand washing.

Note:  If you don’t like what you have painted and want to start over, simply wash it off.  It won’t become permanent until you bake it or let it sit for several days. Be sure to visit Make it easy crafts for upcoming tutorial on painting a orange day lily wine glass soon!


  1. Oh wow, you are certainly making these glasses into works of art! Love how they are coming out. I don't think I have ever done any glasspainting, but you are sure making it enticing! Thanks for sharing it at the Fine Craft Guild, btw. Love all your contributions so far!

  2. So pretty! I have never painted glass before!

  3. I love the step by step here. I don't feel I have painting abilities but feel I could manage this pretty project. :)

  4. Those are lovely! They've been pinned to our You've Inspired Us board on Pinterest. Thanks for linking up to Get Inspired :)

  5. Those are so beautiful! I'm completely in love and pinning for later!!

  6. What a neat idea - and the wine glasses are so gorgeous!! Great tutorial. Pinning this. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  7. SO pretty! You did an amazing job! thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

  8. Beautiful glasses, wonderful idea :)
    Thanks so much for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party . Your post will be featured during this week on the Crafts round up!
    Marigolds' Loft
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  9. Love it!
    I tried something similar using adhesive stencils but I am really diggin the flowers!

  10. These are stunning. Thank you for the guidance.


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