Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recycled brown paper bag rose pens

recycled brown bag rose pens

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what do you do for a mom who has everything?  You make a gift from the heart.  You could just go out and buy a rose and take her to dinner…but dinner and a hand made rose pen is special and useful.  It costs practically nothing and uses a recycled brown paper bag.  Interested?  Well grab your bag and read on.

You will need:

Stick pen

Brown paper bag

Download free flower pattern

Thin cardboard

Tacky craft glue (I used fast grab tacky glue)



Small paintbrush

Acrylic paint in desired color

Marker in a similar color

Small piece of packaging tape (It’s stronger than regular tape)

Green floral tape

1.     Download the flower pattern and trace onto a piece of thin cardboard.  Cut open a brown paper bag and lay it flat onto your work surface.  Use the cardboard pattern to trace three flowers and cut them out.

2.     Using the acrylic paint apply a coat of paint onto each flower.  Let dry, turn over and apply a coat of paint on the opposite side.  Let dry. 

3.     Use a ruler and coordinating marker to mark spoke like lines from the petals (See photo) do this on each flower.

4.     Cut a one section to the center of one flower.  On the second flower cut out one petal.  On the third flower cut out two petals.  Save the cut out single and double petals, they will be the center of the rose.

5.     On the first flower add some glue to the petal adjacent to the cut line and fold and attach the petal next to it.  (See photo)  It will look like a bowl.  Repeat this step on the second and third flower folding the petals together.  Let the glue dry.

6.     Use the scissors to cut a small curved opening at the bottom of each flower (This is where the pen will be inserted)

7.     Using the cut pieces of petal use the pen or a pencil to fold around and glue together.  Cut the uneven end straight.

8.     Insert the pen through the smallest center petal and slide up to the top leaving some extra at the end.  Cut a small piece of packaging tape and secure this center petal onto the pen.  Working from the bottom (pen point end) slide on the next sized center petal all the way to the first one.  It will fit tightly.  Use the small paintbrush to curl the petal down.

9.     Continue adding each flower from smallest to largest and curling the individual petals with the paintbrush until you have added them all.  Cut a small piece of tape and secure the last flower onto the pen. 

10. Begin at the bottom of the flower with floral tape, twisting around the pen and down.  Floral tape sticks to itself.  Cover the entire pen up to the end. 


  1. You have combined two of my favorite things - paper and pens! I can't believe you turned a paper bag into that beautiful rose. Visiting via "FridayFlashBlogJennyEvolution"

  2. Crystal - we can't believe that these beautiful roses are actually made from a paper bag - just love the idea and the color is so rich. It would be fun to give these away as gifts! Thanks for sharing on #simplybebetsy

    Have a great week and a Happy Mother's Day!
    Sharon and Denise

  3. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Debi and Charly

  4. That is a lot of detail for these! Excellent Crystal ;o)

  5. What a beautiful craft :)
    Thanks so much for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays this month. Your craft will be featured tomorrow 29th May 2014.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Marigolds' Loft


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