Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Painted brick book tutorial

Turn a brick into a cool book that you can use as a bookend, paperweight or just a conversation piece.  Brick books make great gifts if you paint them to resemble the recipient’s favorite book. The the step-by-step instructions are easy enough for almost anyone.  All you need is some acrylic paint, paint markers and little bit of time.  Remember Father’s Day is right around the corner and this makes a great gift for the hard to buy for Dad!



Fine Sandpaper

Acrylic paint, black, beige, brown, and blue

Paint markers, gold metallic, blue

Chalk pencil


Medium paintbrush

Liner paintbrush

Newspaper to protect your work surface

Paper plate for paint palette

1.     Protect your work surface with newspaper.  Use fine sandpaper (220) to sand any rough edges on the brick. 

2.     Using the medium paintbrush apply a coat of black acrylic paint on the front, back and one side of the brick.  (This is the cover, back and spine of the book)  Let dry.

3.     Paint all the other sides with beige acrylic paint.  While the paint is still wet use a liner brush to add brown lines.  (See photo)  Let the paint dry.

4.     Use a ruler and chalk pencil to draw lines starting at the top of the spine as follows:  ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1 ½”, ½”, 1 ½”, ½”, 1”, ¾”, ½”  (See photo)

5.     In the first 1 ½” section use a paintbrush and the blue acrylic paint to fill it in.  Let dry.  Use the gold paint pen to add the title of the book.

6.     Use the ruler and draw over all the chalk lines with the gold paint pen.

7.     In the second 1 ½” section use the chalk pencil to draw leaves on vines.  If you don’t like the way it’s coming out use a damp cloth to erase it and start over.  When you have the leaves the way you like, fill them in with the blue paint pen.

8.     In the first ¾ ” section make triangles across with the blue paint pen and fill in dots in the open areas with the gold pen. (Optional)  If you choose this optional step you can also repeat it at the bottom ¾” section.

9.     Use the gold paint pen to add the author’s name in the 1” section.  Let all the paint dry. 

10. Turn the book to the cover area.  Using the chalk pencil draw the title of the book at a downward angle. Fill in the title with the gold paint pen.  Use the chalk pencil to draw leaves on vines in the open area, then outline and fill in with the blue paint pen as you did on the spine.  Use a ruler to draw all around the edges of the book with the gold paint pen. Add the author’s name at the bottom left with the gold pen.   Let all the paint dry. 

Make all your favorite books...


  1. Wow that is clever! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. What clever idea.. never though of that.

  3. Love this idea! I'd want to make a whole library!

  4. thank you very much for joining in and making our Bowdabra Crafty Saturday Showcase, we will look forward to seeing your post next Saturday.
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  5. That's so neat and totally love this!

  6. That's so neat and totally love this!


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