Monday, November 2, 2015

Easy Thanksgiving fall garland

You can quickly and easily transform a $1 craft paper garland into a beautiful Thanksgiving reminder.  Print thankful words on scrapbook paper and decoupage to the garland.  Create your own font from your own handwriting at and you will have a personalized garland that you will treasure for years to come!


Craft paper garland (I found it for $1 at Target)
Computer, printer, and various fall themed scrapbook papers
ModPodge decoupage glue
Medium sized paintbrush
Piece of cardstock to cut your pattern
Newspaper or craft paper to cover your work surface


1.     Cut four pieces of scrapbook paper to the size to fit in your printer.  In a word processing program of your choice type four thankful words.  Use your choice of fonts but for a fun twist create your own handwriting font or one from your child’s handwriting at  Center each word on a piece of scrapbook paper and print. 

2.     To make a pattern from a piece of cardstock trace around the triangle.  Using a ruler measure ½” around all the edges.  Cut out on the inside lines. (It will be a little smaller than the triangle of the garland so you will have a border all around.

3.     Using your pattern and working on the back of the paper cut out each word triangle. Do this with all four of the words.

4.     Use the pattern to cut out four more triangles (without words) from fall printed scrapbook paper.  You should have 8 triangles, four with words and four with only a pattern.

5.     Begin to decoupage the papers onto the garland.  Brush a liberal amount of Modpodge on the back of the paper.  Press to adhere to the garland making sure the borders are even.  Brush some more decoupage glue on the front of the paper.  Continue adding the scrapbook papers alternating words and printed paper until you reach the end.

6.     Let the glue dry and hang.

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