Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recycled CD Mosaic House/apartment number plaque

Are you ready for another cool recycling project for old CDs?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  This plaque is unique and easy and best of all it costs practically nothing.  All you need is an old CD with a dark painted surface on one side. (You will use the shiny side for the number/numbers and the dark side for the background.  Since CDs are reflective the number will show up great at night!

You will need:

Small wood or composite plaque

Old CD with a painted dark surface on one side (used for the background)

Old scissors or tin snips (please wear eye protection when cutting the CDs since sometimes small pieces may fly up)

Tacky Craft glue

Tulip dimensional fabric paint in Black metallic and Crystal Sparkle

Number printed on paper from your computer (You can find printable numbers in any size easily on the internet, make sure the size you print will fit perfectly on your plaque)

Graphite paper

Stylus or dried out ink pen

Small piece of painter’s tape

Black acrylic paint 

Small paintbrush

Drill with small drill bit attached


1.     Print the number or numbers in the size you need from your home computer in any style font you desire on a piece of computer paper.

2.     Place a piece of graphite paper on the plaque and lay the printed number/numbers on top.  Attach a piece of painter's tape to keep it stable. Using the stylus or a dried out ink pen trace the number onto the plaque.

3.     Cut the CD in small pieces with an old pair of scissors.  Use the tweezers to pick up pieces and work in small sections at a time by spreading a bit of tacky glue onto each area and attaching the pieces to the plaque. Leave a tiny bit of space between each piece. Fill in the background first using the dark painted side of the CD.  After you have filled in the entire background area, fill in the number side with the shiny side of the CD. Let the glue dry completely.

4.     Use the Crystal sparkle dimensional fabric paint to fill in the spaces between the CD pieces on the number/numbers.  Continue filling in the background spaces with the black metallic dimensional fabric paint.  Let the fabric paint dry completely.  Overnight is best. 

5.     Add some black acrylic paint all around the edges if desired or you can leave it unpainted.  Let dry.

6.     Measure and make a mark at the center of the plaque or where you would like the screw to be.  Carefully drill a hole through the plaque.  I like to drill on top of a stack of newspapers.  Attach to the door or wall with a screw. 

(My house number is a single number but you can easily add numbers by adjusting the sizes to fit your personal needs.)

Note:  I opted to use the dimensional fabric paint in the spaces between the CDs but he house number plaque even looks great without using the dimensional fabric paint!  

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  1. Another great way to use up those old CDs. I really wish I hadn't tossed mine.

  2. What a unique idea! This looks really nice :)

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  4. It´s a great idea!
    I love this craft!
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  5. Now that's a clever recycling idea. Cool! :)

  6. this is cool. i always wanted to try i always say, never enough time in the day for us creatives!

  7. so nice idea! it's really pretty!! Thanks!!!

  8. What an awesome idea - It looks great!

  9. What a cool project! Very clever way to use up old CD's.

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  11. Great idea! It looks fabulous!

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