Thursday, March 28, 2013

Craft tip today #2-- Let’s get tacky

Just a couple of the many tacky glues available

Lets be honest, tacky can be a negative adjective, but not when you are referring to glues. As you walk down the glue aisle in your local craft store you may get a bit overwhelmed by the choices that are available.  So many glues, but which one is right for you and your project?

Tacky glue:

A staple of any crafter’s supply closet is Tacky glue.  Tacky is different that white or school glue since it has a thicker consistency and due to this fact it is perfect for working with felt since it will not bleed through the felt. Tacky glue is also best for Styrofoam since it will not eat it away as many other glues are apt to do. Heat or cold doesn’t affect the adhesion like it sometimes can with hot glue.  There are many brands of tacky glue but if it says tacky glue on the label it all works pretty much the same.

Q: But Crystal, there are lots of different kinds of tacky glue which one should I buy? 

A:  It’s pretty simple really.  Regular tacky glue is the basic tacky glue.  It is probably all the glue you will ever need. But what about all the different kinds you may ask? Think of it like this—you can walk down the drink aisle at your grocery store and see any number of water beverages, some with added vitamins, some with electrolytes, and some with caffeine.  They are all water, but you fit it to your specific needs. While you can use regular tacky for a myriad of gluing uses, you may wish to upgrade to a specialty tacky glue, like turbo, fast drying, thick, thin and more. 

Tacky glue know-how is a great craft tip today.

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