Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Craft tip today

This blog’s focus is offering my free original craft tutorials and will remain as such. I am, however, adding a new recurring post entitled “Craft tip today.”  Every so often I will share a craft tip or suggestion gained through trial and error from my many years of craft designing. 

The process of designing crafts sometimes becomes a road with many forks.  A project that seemed viable at the moment of conception, often takes a detour in an opposite direction.  Especially when your mind sometimes thinks way outside the proverbial box.  I hope you enjoy the craft tip today.

Corrugated cardboard:

When you are looking for a great source of recycled material, think corrugated cardboard.  You can use corrugated cardboard for so many projects. They can back a frame or be the base for most anything.  They even work great as a work surface for small painting projects.

When looking for good flat pieces of cardboard head to your nearest warehouse store, like Costco, Bj’s or Sam’s club.  Since they don’t bag groceries they always have bins that contain boxes and heavy cardboard pieces from the packaging, free for the taking.  If you don’t have a warehouse store nearby, why not ask your grocer to save you the flat pieces of separate cardboard. 

Corrugated cardboard is a great craft tip today!


  1. The other day I was telling a friend that when I was doing a deep cleaning in January I got rid of my stash of card board and have regreted it ever since. Great tip!

  2. So true Crystal! I have a small pile I keep on the shelf!


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