Monday, December 23, 2013

Recycled clothing label gift tag ornament

As they say in the song, “Greeting cards have all been sent.”  Now it’s time for wrapping presents and labeling them.  If you’re like me, you save all sorts of labels and tags, some of them are made with very sturdy tag board.  And what can you do with that extra Christmas card or two?  With little bit of sparkle magic you can make unique gift tags that also double as ornaments!  And if you don’t have any clothing labels lying around don’t fret you can easily substitute some heavy cardboard.

You will need:

Clothing label, any shape (or heavy cardboard cut to a pleasing shape)

Small cuticle type scissors

Tacky craft glue

White glitter

Small paintbrush

Christmas card with small motifs or designs

Spray or brush on chalkboard paint

Double sided adhesive foam dots (for dimensional effect)

6 inches of gold or silver cord

Hole punch

White colored pencil, chalk or sharpie marker

Brown paper bag to protect your work surface

Cardboard box if using spray paint

1.     Apply some chalkboard paint on one side of the tag and let dry.  Turn over and do the same to the opposite side.  Spray paint dries quickest but you will need to spray it in a well ventilated area in a cardboard box. If necessary apply a second coat to both sides.  Let dry. If you use brush on chalkboard paint use a small brush to apply letting each coat dry completely.

2.     Cover one side of the tag with tacky glue and then sprinkle some white glitter to cover. Add some extra glue and glitter in the center area. Let dry completely.

3.     Cut out a motif from a leftover Christmas card with the small cuticle scissors.  (I used a small horse and sleigh)  Remove the backing from one end of a foam dot and attach it to the back of your cut out. Repeat for another dot depending upon the size of your motif.

4.     Remove the backing from the foam dots you attached to your motif and stick it on the glittered side of the tag.  You may use some extra tacky glue if you desire for better adhesion.

5.     Turn over on the chalkboard side and write your greeting, message or label with a white sharpie marker or chalk.

6.     Punch a hole in the top of your tag if using cardboard or use the hole from your label to attach a 6 inch piece of gold or silver cord.  After use you may hang on the tree.

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