Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Free kid's Santa Suit gift card pocket

Let's be honest.  Some people are just really hard to buy gifts for.  They have everything or you just can't think of something they would like.  And it's even harder for kids to buy for those adults on their list! For those people  that fit this description there are always gift cards.  But gift cards are impersonal and not that attractive.  So a gift card pocket--you can print out, cut out, and put together is the perfect solution.  Download the free gift card pockets you will be all set.  Great for those last minute gifts!

You will need:

Gift card pocket printable

Stylus or dried out ink pen


Glue or double faced tape

Clothespin to hold pocket closed if using glue

White card stock paper

Printer and computer

1.  Download the free printable and print on card stock paper.  Cut out pocket.  Use a stylus or dried out ink pen to score around the curved lines, Use a ruler and stylus to score center line and tab lines.  Fold on the scored lines.  

2.  Use some double faced tape to attach the tab to the opposite side--or use tacky glue and a clothes pin to hold till the glue dries.  Insert your gift card and push in the curved tabs on both ends to close.

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