Monday, April 11, 2016

Milk carton birdhouse

The birds are singing around my house every morning and building their nests.  I’m sure that some birds are looking for a birdhouse home as well.  I made this cute birdhouse out of a milk carton (Although mine contained almond milk) in just a few minutes for practically no cost. 

While you can optionally paint little rectangles for the bricks, I simply cut a rectangle shape in the bottom of a champagne cork and used it as a stamp so the bricks went on in a flash.  Additionally I used a sponge to paint the windows, but you can simply paint them on if you desire.

I can’t wait till a little bird family moves into this little birdhouse home. 


Empty milk or juice carton with a screw top
Gesso or white acrylic paint
Acrylic paint – brown, barn red, black
14 ml wire
Champagne cork (optional)
X-Acto or craft knife
Drill with small drill bit
Dowel to fit with about 2 inches on each side
Compressed sponge (optional)
Paper plates
Twigs that are around the same width
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Small paintbrush
Garden snips


1.     Wash out the milk carton and dry completely. 

Milk carton birdhouse

2.     Draw a small circle approximately 3” from the bottom center of the front of your birdhouse.  Use the craft knife to carefully cut out. 

3.     Draw another smaller circle about the diameter of your dowel under the entry hole.  Draw a corresponding hole on the other side of the carton.  Cut both pieces out with the craft knife and insert the dowel all the way across.

Milk carton birdhouse

4.     Cover your work surface with some waxed paper and paint the entire carton with gesso or white acrylic paint.  Let dry and apply a second coat if necessary. 

Milk carton birdhouse

5.     Optional step: If you are using a sponge to paint the windows, draw a window on the sponge and cut out.  Wet it so that it fattens up.  Add some brown paint to a paper plate.  Dip the sponge in the brown paint.  Pat on the plate to remove any excess paint. Sponge paint windows on the sides.  Let dry.  If you choose not to use a sponge, paint on the windows. Let dry.

6.     Optional step:  Draw a small rectangle on the bottom of a champagne cork and cut out to make a stamp.  If you choose not to use a stamp, you may optionally paint on the bricks.

7.     Paint the screw top red and let dry.

8.     Cut the twigs and begin applying with hot glue to the roof.  Cut the pieces around the screw top smaller to fit.  Attach twigs across the side open edges of the roof to close the dormer area.

9.     Drill two small holes 1” from each side.  Thread the wire through the holes and make hanger twisting to secure.

Milk carton birdhouse

10. Paint or stamp the bricks using brick red paint. In rows across all the side of the birdhouse.  Let dry.
Milk carton birdhouse

11. For a finishing touch outline the windows with some black paint and a small paintbrush.

Milk carton birdhouse

12. Put some straw or fiberfill in the bottom of the birdhouse and hang on a tree branch.

Milk carton birdhouse

Milk carton birdhouse


  1. This is brilliant! Crystal, let us know if the birds use it. I want to know!

  2. great thing, love this DIY :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment, so glad you like it!


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