Monday, October 17, 2016

Make a fun glow in the dark flaming pumpkin

Flaming pumpkin

This Halloween, create a simple faux glow in the dark flaming pumpkin.  It’s so simple to make this eerie flaming pumpkin.  All you need is some glow in the dark duct tape, a faux pumpkin, a cutting mat and a craft knife.  The best part is that you can remove the duct tape if you want to change it up at a later time.  

When you put him in the dark this flaming pumpkin lights up with an eerie greenish glow—no fire required.

Download the flaming pumpkin pattern and print on your home printer.

flaming pumpkin


Glow in the dark duct tape
Cutting mat
Pattern pieces
Craft or X-acto knife
Faux pumpkin (Any color you choose)
Disappearing marker

Lets make a flaming pumpkin


1.     First thing you need to do it download and print the pattern pieces.  Now, attach pieces of duct tape to the cutting mat.

2.     Begin with the face pieces.  Use a disappearing marker to trace the pattern piece onto the duct tape.  Then carefully cut each piece with a craft knife.  First cut out two eyes.  Then cut out one nose.  Finally cut out the mouth. 

3.     After you have cut out all the face pieces attach them to the pumpkin.  Immediately rub out wrinkles out with your fingers.

Attach the duct tape flames

4.     When you have all the facial features attached to the pumpkin, begin to cut out and attach the flames starting at the bottom and working your way around.  Since you are applying duct tape you can peel it up and change it around if you need to.

5.     When you have gone all around the pumpkin with the various sized flames, you can use the excess duct tape pieces to cut some ¼”wide strips to cover around the bottom of the flames where they attach (Optional)

6.     When you put the flaming pumpkin in the dark he will glow with an eerie greenish hue.

flaming pumpkin


  1. I love this design! I did not know there is a grow in that dark duck tape!


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